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Donations Insights helps NGOs understand forces that impact giving

Donations are hugely important for NGOs to support humanitarian efforts in vulnerable areas around the world. Many NGOs heavily rely on a large number of small donations rather than a small number of large donations.

Donations Insights helps NGOs better understand trends

To get a better view of how donations are distributed, credit card company Mastercard issued their report Donation Insights, which is based on anonymized collected Mastercard transaction data in the United States. By publicizing this data, organizations are enabled to understand trends in private donations better.

The individual donations made through electronic payments to American NGOs grew by 5.9 percent in 2016. This is a small deceleration from the year before. Public safety and disaster relief donations grew most of all, followed closely by environmental and animal related causes.

The average recurring donation in total is $43.20. Per category, the average donation size for recurring giving varies quite a bit. While for disease causes the recurring average donation is at $86.60, environmental organizations struggle in comparison with $34.40.

  • People continue to use electronic payments more to make individual donations. Digital transactions like credit and debit cards or online payments, grew at a steady pace, with 5.9 percent increase in 2016.
  • Election years impact donations for charities significantly. Political contributions have steadily increased for the U.S. presidential election cycles in 2008, 2012 and 2016. This comes at a cost for charitable fundraising efforts. The previous presidential election decreased the share of charitable U.S. donations by six percent.
  • People seem to be inclined to make donations at the very last minute. Traditionally, December is a very important month for charitable giving. You might think that the Christmas spirit is behind that. According to the data, however, December 30th and 31st are the two biggest giving days of the year.

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