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Does Your Ministry Travel?

Our relationships with many churches and faith-based organizations have remained intact since 1947. That was a time when the majority of the world was recovering from World War II. In that year, the founders of Ratpim chartered a Dakota (Douglas C-47 Skytrain) to relieve a group of missionaries. Ministry travel started.

The replacement of missionaries in Africa had come to a standstill during the war. But training of new missionaries continued, and was never, halted. That’s why two years after the war, the Dutch Roman Catholic orders and congregations were in a panic. Their missionaries in Africa still had not been relieved of duty. To the surprise of many, scores of new missionaries were eager to head out into the world. The very first flight Raptim arranged was to relieve these long-serving missionaries in the aftermath of the war.

Ministry Travel Services

To be able to serve people who serve the world we have developed first class Ministry Travel Services  such as;

  • Bargain airfares: We at Raptim love churches and people who are committed to sharing their love for the community. There are many compassionate organizations willing to put in the required effort. Mission work by churches, missionaries, and clergy have proved to be an effective part of many countries’ development throughout history. We understand your ministry travel needs a bargain airfare.
  • An always-on travel service: Our staff provides around-the-clock access to all clients and ministry travelers. They focus on complicated itineraries and extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers and are willing to go above and beyond. They prioritize your requirements before anything else. This is what our 24/7 service entails:
  • Stay in the know with Raptim Care risk alerts. With Raptim Care’s risk tool, an inclusive service for everybody booking trough Raptim, you can choose the risk levels (from low to high and extreme risk) for which you wish to stay informed. Risk alerts cover political developments, conflict and terrorism, demonstrations and unrest, crime and corruption, natural and environmental disasters, health and medical issues, travel safety, and disruptions.
  • Your Raptim agent is an expert in arranging visas, knows which vaccinations you need and will give you other tips that help things go more smoothly. We’ll help you earn more frequent flyer points, too — which always come in handy!

Ideally Suited Mission Travel by Raptim

Today, our work extends to church groups, missionaries, and ministry travel. Faith-based organizations currently working with Raptim include hundreds of ministries and larger faith-based organizations. Organizations such as World Vision, Rafiki Foundation, Foundation Hirondelle, G.O. Ministries, Compassion International, Africa Inland Mission, and ICCO.

It is due to our close relationships with airlines and other travel service partners that understand the word of God such as MAF, that we have access to the most flexible fares — including discounted missionary airfares — with generous terms and flexible conditions for long missions. Where deemed necessary, we can delay ticketing while funds are raised.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. We’re willing to try everything in our power to serve those who serve the world. Contact us at any of our offices for additional information.