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Devastation in Nepal

Months after the two devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal, the country is slowly getting back on its feet. Ongoing efforts to rebuild after the earthquake are underway, but it will take many years before Nepal sees a full recovery. Corps Mondial de Secours (CMS)-Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) is one of the organizations which has been directly involved the relief and recovery efforts in Nepal.

Founded in 1972, CMS-USAR’s mission of bringing relief to victims of natural disasters has seen them perform over 50 missions in more than 24 countries. The French Urban search and Rescue organization has over 90 voluntary rescue workers, their teams have been dispatched to help those affected by earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, industrial explosions and so on.

The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25thof April of this year resulted in over 8,000 deaths, 16,800 injured and more than 490,000 destroyed houses and buildings. Shortly after the earthquake the CMS-USAR team left Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris for Katmandu with a team of 18 rescue workers, including, emergency rescue workers, dog handlers, doctors and nurses. Despite a large amount of their materials not reaching Katmandu the team of rescue workers and USAR Specialists managed to perform numerous interventions around the Nepalese capital. More than 300 victims were treated by the medical team in their medical outposts over the 12 days of the mission.

Our French colleagues at Raptim managed to organize return flights for all 18 rescue workers. This was not the first collaboration between Raptim and CMS-USAR. In fact, in the last decade Raptim has assisted them with travel to several areas struck by natural disasters including, the Philippines in 2013 (Typhoon Haiyan) and Haiti (Haiti earthquake 2010). We hope to continue our strong and long-term collaboration with CMS-USAR for the sake of the victims.