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International Day of Peace 2018

The International Day of Peace takes place on September 21st every year. It is a time to reflect and be grateful for how far humanity has come in terms of maintaining peace. That said, it is also an opportunity to challenge our ideas and promote peace everywhere.

2018 is also very special. This year the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 years old. Therefore, the central theme for this International Day of Peace is The Right to Peace—the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70.

History of the International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations in 1981. Since 2001, the International Day of Peace marks a period of non-violence and cease-fire around the world. However, it is a day that does not only focus on eradicating conflict around the world. It is also a chance to promote social justice.

In the past, the International Day of Peace has focused on a variety of central themes. These include Together for Peace: Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All; The Right of Peoples to Peace, Education for Peace, among others.

Why do we celebrate the International Day of Peace?

Peace is an overreaching phenomenon. Many inequalities lead to violence and conflict. For example, a lack of access to education, poor social inclusion, poverty, and desperation are all factors that can cause unrest. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) clearly highlights the need for social and economic development for peace. In fact, SDG 16 calls for Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

The majority of the world’s population today lives in relative peace. But that doesn’t mean that conflict does not continue to happen in spite of immense progress in peace-making. In order to make the world a truly peaceful place, we need to continue working hard. We must share compassion, promote non-violence, and achieve sustainable peace for all.

The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its establishment was a turning point in history. It created the framework for the treatment of human beings and social inclusion. The United Nations adopted the declaration on December 10th, 1948 in Paris. Since then, it has been translated to over 500 languages.

International Day of Peace 2018 celebrates the anniversary of the declaration. Through this, it is also promoting the human right to peace.

What is the Right to Peace?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not explicitly state the Right to Peace as a fundamental human right. However, to humanitarians, this is the basic cornerstone of human existence.

What are your thoughts on the Right to Peace? You can use social media to share what the Right to Peace means to you. Use hashtags #peaceday and #standup4humanright.

You can also promote human rights and peace by recording a video reading one of the 30 articles of the declaration in any language that it’s available in. Plus, on September 21st, engage, reflect, and take action for peace.

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