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Customer Focus – WACC

As a faith-based organization, the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) builds on communication rights in order to promote social justice for everyone. People of all faiths, ethnicities, and cultures worldwide can receive their guidance and support.

Communication is right at the center of WACC‘s identity. They work alongside global, regional and local partners to give less fortunate communities access to communication because the absence of communication can lead to exclusion in society and human development. WACC’s network reaches 1,600 members and partners in over 130 countries around the world. In their head office in Toronto, Canada, Shari McMaster ties everything together as Administrative Coordinator. She oversees the administrative assistance, policies, governance and immigration issues. She maintains General Secretary Karin Achtelstetter’s calendar while planning and scheduling her trips.

One of the things that WACC is best known for, is the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), a project now in its 23rd year. “It’s every five years, and it’s basically a snapshot of one day, reviewing media from all over the world,” Shari explains. The GMMP analyses global and regional patterns of how gender plays out in the news. “I think there are 120 or 140 countries participating to get a snapshot of what’s going on in the media in terms of the gender make up. That is becoming more important now on the world stage. We’re at the forefront of that.” 

WACC has partnered up with Raptim for the past eighteen months. Shari says it's been a great experience so far, and Raptim has already had a chance to make a difference, because of the 24/7 emergency assistance. Past June, there was a massive pilot strike in Sweden, and the General Secretary happened to be there at that time. "When Karin found out about the strike, she phoned Raptim's emergency number, and they were able to get her out earlier, and that was wonderful. They were able to do something for her right away."

This wasn't an earth-shattering situation; it was not a case of being on the ground doing humanitarian work. "But when you have back-to-back conferences set up, it's a pain to be stuck at some place," Shari tells us. "Karin had fellow colleagues who were stuck in Sweden, which doesn't sound too bad, it's a very beautiful country. Though Karin really couldn't say enough good things about Raptim at that point."

For faith-based organizations, an expert travel partner can come in handy, especially in challenging situations which require the best care possible. Our experienced employees are passionate to serve compassionate people. If you want to keep up to date with the compassionate humanitarian stories we put out every day, check out our daily updated News & Community section.