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Customer Focus – Hungry for Life

Hungry for Life is a faith-based organization which envisions a world, transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering for those most vulnerable.

Hungry for Life

Hungry for Life initiates countless compassionate projects aimed at helping those in dire need of help. Angela Goertzen, Director of Teams & Project Services at Hungry for Life, oversees the movement of all the people within the organization, both in the travel of teams and staff. She works in close cooperation with other departments organizing and overseeing travel needs while making sure that people get to and from their destinations safely and on time. We asked her to highlight a project she thinks is special: “There’s a project in Kenya that I’m super proud of. When we first went to a community in Seje, none of the kids went to school and around half of the babies died because there was no clean water. We have initiated a microfinance project, so a lot of the women have profitable businesses that they started. Now there’s a school and access to clean water, so the gastrointestinal infection among little kids has drastically dropped from fifty percent to ten percent. We now see a community that came out of extreme poverty and gained access to health care and means to gain income.” This is an excellent example of how a compassionate initiative can help communities develop in a sustainable way. 

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

We know Hungry for Life for a long time, and they’re a well-respected client. Their priceless humanitarian efforts put smiles on faces that were filled with sorrow, and that inspires us. They’ve been working with us since 2006. A new project usually starts the same way. When Hungry for Life is in the early stages of initiating a new project, they put an initial budget together. When finished determining the budget, they call us with a travel requirement: “I'm just putting an initial budget together, and I need basic budget quotes for a team to go to Kenya in the spring 2017,” they’ll say. From there on, we help them with their humanitarian travel booking. From duty of care responsibilities, managing their travel budgets and complex itineraries. We make sure they can help those who need it most by serving as their humanitarian travel partner. If an issue arises, they can always get back to us, and our experienced travel agents will help them with their specific needs. We can solve any possible issue by working closely together.

We are closely related to Hungry for Life and other like-minded faith-based organizations that put great emphasis on helping those who need it most. We are propelled by our corresponding compassionate goal. Be sure to browse through our daily updated News & Community section if you want to read more articles highlighting compassionate humanitarian organizations.