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8 Crowdfunding Platforms for Humanitarians and NGOs 

The sharing economy has been changing and shaping the way we interact with the world. Crowdsourcing is a new way to share opinions and create change. And crowdfunding has pushed forward the latest innovative products on the market.

So why not crowdfund for social causes? Well, it’s entirely possible! There are many crowdfunding platforms out there for fundraising. These work for NGOs, humanitarians, missionaries and any other social causes. Here are eight crowdfunding platforms to consider for your NGO fundraising efforts.

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Eight crowdfunding platforms to consider for your fundraising efforts


Targeting crowdfunding for social causes, Fundly is not just a site for NGOs. Schools, churches, families, medical facilities, and charities can all use Fundly to make their purpose a reality. The platform is particularly significant for communication with backers. There is a blog section for easy updates, plus a free app for staying up to date.


Looking for funding, but also want feedback? OpenIDEO gives you the advantage of both. While NGOs and humanitarians can fundraise using the platform, they can also crowdsource feedback and ideas. This means that whatever project you are working on, thousands of people can help you to improve it!


With a user base of nearly 186 million from 156 countries, Causes is an excellent option for crowdfunding for NGOs. Additionally, it works as a social network. So organizations can create a page with information and features for fundraising.

On the other hand, Causes also runs an app called Brigade. This allows organizations to build a network for their specific causes.


Don’t want to have funds that are tied to specific uses? CrowdRise is the best option for you. The platform allows for humanitarian fundraising without limits or time restraints. One important use of the platform is in the case of emergencies. When you need to raise and spend funds quickly and efficiently, Crowdrise is ideal.

Start Some Good

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to humanitarian crowdfunding, then Start Some Good may be a perfect choice. The platform is easy to use and great for fundraising. But more importantly, the site sends a 9-part e-mail course on how to crowdfund for social causes.


Likely one of the most famous crowdfunding campaigns out there, Indiegogo is also a good option for social causes. However, unlike some of the platforms specifically targeted to non-for-profits, Indiegogo is not free. So, why choose Indiegogo?


Chuffed was created exclusively and only for non-for-profits. It’s designed to raise funds for social causes. And the creators thought about what an NGO needs when it comes to crowdfunding.

Mainly, Chuffed does not charge the recipient anything on the transaction; only the donor pays transaction fees. Plus, donors do not need to register to donate – making it much easier to convert visits to donations.

Want a more visual approach to crowdfunding? focuses on your visuals to grab the attention of donors. Also, there is a handy dashboard for your analytics. This means that you can track crowdfunding information, social media states, and invitations. The tool is designed to help you optimize visits and conversions through the platform.

Are you looking for a crowdfunding platform to fundraise in a specific country around the world? Look at these 20 crowdfunding services for nonprofits worldwide.

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