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Crisis-hit airline Alitalia divides a nation

Many Italians have lost their patience

The Alitalia airline is on the verge of losing its existence. Despite the Italian airline benefitting from the favor of a lifeline guaranteed by the government, such level of support is slowly losing its grip.

Government urged not to save Alitalia again

Rome has thrown in the towel and thus profiling the Italian national airline on a short-term lifeline. The government extended a loan of up to €400 ($436) million to the airline’s administrator as a bargaining chip for either placing the Alitalia airline on sale or under liquidation, Reuters reported.

There is little interest posed by its rival airlines such as a move to purchase the airline company. Moreover, the rejection of a rescue plan by workers that would have incurred reduction costs and 1,700 job cuts led to the creditors refusing to lend any more money to the airline company. Meanwhile, it is a growing belief and opinion by a good number of Italian citizens who believe that their country would be better off if the airline came under a permanent foreclosure agreement.

More than $7.5 (€7) billion of the tax payers’ money has gone down the drain as a result of repeated state bailouts the airline company has incurred over the past ten years.  A good number of Italians are voicing their concerns and dissatisfaction on the social media platforms. They are urging their government not to entertain any political temptation that would lead to the rescue of the airline again.

“Enough with saving Alitalia,” protested Cinzia Briguglio as one of the growing number of more than 1,000 signatories following up on the airline’s online petition that requested the non-involvement of the government on the matter. According to a previously published opinion poll, there is a steadfast belief by 77 percent of the Italians that seek to foresee the complete failure of the airline.

On the other side, the Italians politicians are less inclined towards the complete failure of Alitalia. It is a view by the Industry Minister, Carlo Calenda, that the country's economy would go through a great ordeal if such a crisis leads to the complete collapse of the airline company. "It (sudden closure) would be a shock for GDP (economic output) much greater than the scenario that we are looking at: a brief period of six months covered by a bridging loan from the government so as to find a buyer who could provide services that Italians need as travelers,"  Carlo Calenda stated in Sky TG24 television interview.

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