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How Creativity Can Resolve Humanitarian Travel Problems

Our Raptim staff has decades-long experience in traveling to uncommon places. Because of that, their minds are filled with helpful, creative ideas which are a result of an epiphany that happened in the past. We keep these ideas flowing within our organization by actively encouraging knowledge exchange between staff members. This way, we make sure that we can always serve our clients to the best of our abilities. It’s all about the people.

Solving travel problems by using creativity

Creative thinking is instrumental in the process of coming up with valuable ideas. Ideas which travel consultants can use to handle and put at bay all obstacles that humanitarians often face. So with that famous “eureka!” they’re experiencing new creative insight.

The more Raptim staff members gain experience in their field of work; the more likely they are to come up with innovative solutions for you as a humanitarian traveler. So, if a staff member reads or hears about giving aid and speaks with new inspiring humanitarians, the more likely they’re to come up with new valuable ideas which can help you in the field.

We’ve been doing humanitarian travel since 1947. This long period of time has resulted in development of a number ofcreative solutions to unforeseen situations in the minds of our dedicated staff. They include:

  • A dedicated Raptim employee went out of her way to help a valued client. In the process, a savings of 600 euros ($675 USD)  resulted. This was just a case of one person who didn’t have to experience additional inconvenience by the changes that were made in their itinerary. Just by looking at a situation from an entirely different perspective, she resolved her client’s problem. That is something we’re proud of.
  • Family Legacy Missions International once had more than 200 reservations on hold when their Raptim agent noticed that some lower inventories had opened up. She went above and beyond by going through each reservation, one by one to save the client $42,700 USD. The humanitarian organization used this enormous amount to provide more classroom space and educational materials for the more than 9,000 vulnerable children that they serve in their program.

We’re proud of each and every member of our team. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, they’re dedicated and focused on the complex and at times very urgent travel needs of humanitarians.  There are countless projects that our clients are passionately and selflessly involved in, and we’re willing to assist them in every way we can. Be sure to contact us should you have any questions.