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Connectivity to Vulnerable Cambodia Improved

Emirates launches new route

Cambodia is still recovering from the traumatic events in the seventies. The country struggles to provide good health, shelter, education and protection to its citizens. That is why compassionate humanitarian aid is pivotal. To improve access to Cambodia, airline Emirates offers a new route to capital Phnom Penh.

Challenges remain in Cambodia

Cambodia has shown substantial economic improvements in recent years, though more than a third of the population remains to live below the poverty line. The governmental health budget has grown considerably, but per capita, it is not nearly enough to cover the Cambodian needs.

About sixty percent of health expenditure is out-of-pocket. Because of this tight governmental spending, there are significant challenges to ensure Cambodians have universal access to basic health care. Thanks to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), these problems are alleviated. Many humanitarian organizations are improving the health situation which many vulnerable people face every single day.

There has been good progress to report. The presence of HIV fell a significant amount to less than one percent of the adult population. Malaria and tuberculosis programs have been bolstered in an effective way and with new vaccines being introduced, the immunization rates are high.

Though Cambodians still struggle with basic human needs. The supply of clean water remains erratic at best. Rural and remote areas especially have low levels of sanitation. The high level of maternal mortality remains worrisome and at 66 per 1000 live births, the infant mortality rate is still a huge reason for concern.

The results towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are mixed so far. Mainly because of the limited access to quality health care in remote and vulnerable locations. But with the help of dedicated humanitarian aid workers, there are great strides to be made.

To improve connectivity to Cambodia, Emirates announces a new flight route to capital Phnom Penh, starting from July 1. A Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will take you from Dubai, to Yangon in Myanmar first. After a quick stop, it proceeds to Phnom Penh, where it will arrive two and a half hours later. Emirates offers generous free baggage allowance for Raptim clients.

Every human being has the right to access of quality health care. Raptim supports compassionate humanitarian aid workers who protect vulnerable girls, boys, women and families. Please follow our blog for more humanitarian aid stories and read our other daily updated posts should you want to learn more about our organization.