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Compassion Matters

People that care are required in the most uncommon places on earth. They prevent illness, educate, train, build, rebuild, work with compassion or give hope to the people. They are not always able to get there on their own.

Supporting humanitarians with compassion
It takes a strong global team, with a heart that never gives up, to make their travel possible. Raptim is the world’s first humanitarian travel organization. As part of a global community, we’ve dedicated our lives to supporting the work of humanitarian travelers since 1949. This was a time when ships were the only means of traveling to developing countries. Our founders chartered a Dakota to fly missionaries from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Thanks to their vision, the face of humanitarian travel changed forever.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

Today, Raptim continues to be of service. Our expertise in complex itineraries, urgent response, and respectful client care ensures that we exceed expectations. Because numerous airlines have worked with us for so many years, they acknowledge our role in the community and prefer Raptim when distributing special fares. Therefore, NGOs and humanitarian, faith-based and volunteer organizations can travel where they are needed most and put a smile on faces around the world.

We’re proud to be a part of our clients’ successes; independent of the magnitude we contribute. We redouble our commitment whenever the going gets tough because we’ve seen our world go through so much over the past six decades. Our mission and dedication contributes to saving lives every single day.