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Churches on a Mission – Helping Children in Need

It is inspiring to see many compassionate faith-based organizations working 24 hours a day making sure our world is getting better, one step at a time. But still, there is so much humanitarian work to be done to make this world even a better place.

Compassionate organizations helping children

Especially regarding helping children in developing countries, take quality education for example. This is the cornerstone to improving people’s lives and ensuring sustainable development. While major progress has been made, enrollment rates in schools, particularly for women and girls are not as high and still leave room for improvement. But organizations should not only focus on education. Children’s rights violations happen, they’re broken every other time with devastating consequences on the children and the community as a whole. These types of violations need specific attention when dealing with them.

Children rights violations
Compassion International has programs dedicated to safeguarding children from all forms of abuse and exploitation. There are many cultures on our planet, each with their customs and way of doing things. Compassion International is a child rights organization working with communities in many countries to alleviate child poverty and therefore help children achieve their dreams. This compassionate organization wants to make sure those customs, how traditional they might be, must not take precedence over the biblical guidelines for human relationships. Each of their child development centers is required to implement a local plan of action for child protection and are being regularly monitored to make sure they implement those policies to ensure that expectations are fulfilled.

World Vision points out that 58 million primary-school-age children are not enrolled in school; 53 percent of these children are girls. These kids are at greater risk for exploitation, early marriage, and low income-earning jobs. One of their initiatives for solving this humanitarian problem is called ‘Reading Buddies’, a program aims to improve reading rates across Africa. Through Reading Buddies, they selected older children who have good reading and writing skills. They further improved their reading skills by staff training them, especially regarding transferring their skills to a younger generation. The program, in conjunction with reading camps for the children, hopes to improve literacy rates.

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