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Churches on a Mission and Why We Love Them

A productive and sustainable relationship with faith-based organizations has been fueling our compassion since the very beginning of Raptim. Whether you are on a short-term or long-term mission, the compassion which churches and their faith-based humanitarian travelers show us every day prove to be an inspiration to all our travel agents.

Why churches and mission travel inspire us

Our travel agents are honored to help you. They understand your needs since our very first mission, more than 65 years ago, was related to faith-based travelers. Our relationship with you, churches, other individuals and faith-based organizations is at our very heart because you show compassion, and compassion matters.

A humanitarian individual is often described as someone who’s dedicated their life to helping improve the welfare and happiness of vulnerable people. That’s a goal you can possibly relate to, since many faith-based missionaries traveled to third-world countries, helping to improve the living conditions and human rights situations. This group includes churches and their compassionate, faith-based mission travelers. We couldn’t be more proud to serve you by offering  unique expertise in the remote locations you travel, which enables you to put your entire focus on helping those who need it most. Whether you’re taking a short mission trip or moving abroad to serve for a longer period, we want to help. We’ll do everything in our power to make travel arrangements a low priority for you, by making it a top priority for us.

We can offer a full range of travel services. Whether you’re an individual, church group or missionary organization. We’ll help you achieve your goals. It is due to our close relationships with airlines that we have access to the most flexible fares – including discounted missionary airfares, with generous terms and flexible conditions for long missions. Where deemed necessary, we can even delay ticketing while funds are raised.

Today, our work extends to churches, missionaries and clergy. We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we’re willing to try everything in our power to serve those who serve the world. Never hesitate to contact us through our quick address locator should you have any questions at all.