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Christmas in a Refugee Camp

For many of us, Christmas is a time of joy. We exchange gifts we each other, make dinner, and eat and drink with friends and family. It is the time of the year in which we show our thanks. But there are also millions of people who do not celebrate Christmas the way they used to. Millions of refugees who fled their countries because of war, oppression, or other life-threating circumstances will be celebrating Christmas in refugee camps, often far away from family and friends. Here are stories about how Christmas is celebrated among refugees who live in camps.

The Christmas that is celebrated by Christians in Iraq is a one without the luxury of malls, new clothes, or money to spend. These people are trying to survive and hoping that God’s gift will be a better life in a new place, or that they can return home. The Christians in the camp gather around a tent which keeps alive the story of Christmas. It’s now a place they call home.

Christians are a minority in the Middle East, but in 1987, Iraq had 1.4 million Christians. They have always been persecuted, and this has devastated this faith group. This year, almost 2 million people, among them a lot of Christians, have been displaced.

Despite all the hardships and the tough life in refugee camps, the Christian refugees remain hopeful. They have faith in God and, as one woman reminded us, Jesus was once a refugee too. To keep that faith alive can bring a little Christmas spirit to those who are far away from home and family.


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