Christian Outreach in Africa
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Christian Outreach in Africa

Christian organizations have led community engagement and mobilization in Africa for decades. As a result committed missionaries devote their lives to helping the poor and trying to live up to the best examples of the Christian faith. There is a lot of christian outreach in Africa. Many are doing innovative projects that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Christian outreach is crucial for many organizations working in Africa and around the world today, and it should be celebrated. There has been a growth in outreach organizations in recent years. It seems like more and more people feel drawn to this kind of work.

Whether we are talking about education, medical assistance, or disaster relief, Christian organizations in Africa are leading the way in many fields. For many Africans, Christian outreach missions can be, the difference between having a proper school building with electricity. Or Christian outreach means simply having classes in an improvised shack. Charity, love, and devotion to the Christian faith are what binds together both international and national staff and volunteers. Going beyond simple prejudice and hatred, Christian outreach organizations work with marginalized communities and are humbled by their suffering.

The Positive Impact of Christian Outreach in Africa

Just consider the positive impact of international organizations such as World Vision which aims to work alongside local leaders, or Mercy Ships which provides much needed medical help. With a global presence and often witnessing conflicts and disasters, these organizations are all too familiar with the most terrifying aspects of human nature. But they are also confident in the love of humanity that exists within each and every one of us. They consider it is their Christian duty to help the poor and the oppressed, and their dedicated staff will take great risks to defend Christ’s ideals.

Christian Outreach Resources

If you are thinking of joining a Christian outreach organization in Africa, you might be struggling to find resources for your missions. Thankfully, there are many supporting organizations out there with whom you can partner. Below, we will present you with a partial list. It is a list of resources for Christian outreach in Africa by NGOs and references to many key players in this field.

Since outreach initiatives have grown exponentially in Africa, so have the resources available to organizations engaging in this kind of work.

It can be hard to spread the Gospel if you have to travel with dozens of books to remote areas in a short period of time. Thankfully, there are now ample digital Bible resources available at your disposal to make sure the Word of God is just a quick click away.

In case you are looking for new ways to make an impact, Christianity Today has put together a list of useful tools for evangelical work. Many of these tips are inspired by the work of legendary evangelist Billy Graham, but there are also many other references to online resources that can help your organization pass on to the next level.

If you are already involved in a ministry and would like to have some extra skills and support, you may also want to check out the work of Money for Ministry. They mostly focus on legacy gifts as a way to fund your ministry.

Organizations that Provide Christian Outreach in Africa

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1. The Outreach Foundation

If your organization’s work has become increasingly aware of gender inequality and would like to implement projects to correct it, The Outreach Foundation has made it its mission to support women in Christian communities in Africa. Consequently it can cover conferences, training, small income-generating projects, and almost anything you can think of to help African women emerge as leaders of their Christian communities.

2. Global Ministries

Global Ministries is also another valuable resource and is involved in several areas from microcredit to peacebuilding. They partner with ministries in Africa to fulfill their missions and spread God’s work.

3. The First Church of Napa

The First Church of Napa, meanwhile, is busy providing a Christian high school for dozens of orphaned youngsters in Kenya. They also do outreach in rural villages in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

4. Christian Aid Mission

If you are looking for missionary training and an organization deeply concerned with the persecution of Christians on the African continent, you can also consult the Christian Aid Mission.

5. Christian Ministries in Africa

Christian Ministries in Africa, on the other hand, is mostly focused on working with children to ensure they have access to all the things they need for a healthy and happy life.


ABWE is mostly based in African urban centers which have grown exponentially in the last few years. They also work in regions were evangelism in restricted resulting in limited access to people in need.

7. ORU Missions & Outreach

If you are not sure of what you are looking for, you can also take a look at ORU Missions & Outreach’s extensive options to perform Christian outreach in Africa. From collaborating with preachers in rural villages to supporting kids in school, you will find plenty of alternatives.

8. Africa’s Hope

Africa’s Hope is devoted to strengthening the future leaders of the African Church through Christian-based support and education.

9. Christian Mission Aid

Christian Mission Aid is investing in a series of different activities across the African continent to prevent and remedy not only financial poverty but also spiritual poverty. All Christian Mission Aid activities are inspired by the ideals of the Gospel, from disaster relief to medical assistance,

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10. The Capstone Church

The Capstone Church does both local and international outreach, partnering with ministries in Africa to preach the Christian faith. You may rejoin them in a short-term or long-term mission at your convenience.

11. World Outreach International

World Outreach International has many projects in Africa which cover different areas, including preaching, humanitarian aid, and children’s ministries. Many of their projects take place in Mozambique, although they also have a strong presence in Burkina Faso. If you are looking for an international organization with a broad scope to offer, theymight be a good option.

12. The PDN Africa

The PDN Africa, which stands for Pastors Discipleship Network, is an organization created with the aim of assisting in the learning and training of pastors across the continent. With various programs available, which include Bible study and women’s education, the training centers are based in Uganda.

13. Sports Outreach

Sports Outreach has a different approach focusing mostly on sports as a tool to create meaningful change inside communities. However, their projects are varied and include not only physical sports but also chess and in addition a wide array of activities covering basic needs such as food production. The goal of Sports Outreach is to raise Christian leaders who may become “coaches of their souls.”

14. The International Christian Mission

The International Christian Mission services also have an interesting list of various missions throughout the world including Africa. The ICM is a network created by fellow travelers wanting to make a difference,. It partners with reliable institutions and NGOs to provide you with the best experience possible while on a mission.

15. Africa Renewal Ministries

Africa Renewal Ministries is also focused on bringing about fresh new leadership for the Church in Africa, offering projects which consist of several types of leadership development programs for children and young people. You have the opportunity to do a short-term mission with them in Africa or volunteer in the US.

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