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Christian aid organizations join hands to support Myanmar victims

Four Christian humanitarian aid organizations have announced a joint fundraising appeal for victims of violent conflict in Myanmar. The faith-based organizations are part of a coalition of leading aid agencies from the United Kingdom.

Christian aid organizations collaborate to support Myanmar refugees
The 13 members of the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), which includes the Christian aid organizations CAFOD, Christian Aid, World Vision and Tearfund, have joined hands to call for funds to respond to the severe humanitarian needs of those affected in Myanmar.

The DEC says more than half of all new refugees arriving in Bangladesh are children; one in every ten people are pregnant or lactating mothers. The vast majority are living in improvised shelters made from bamboo and thin plastic. People in the region are in urgent need of housing, medical care, water, and food.

Onone Chadburn from Christian charity Tearfund explained to Premier Christian Radio why it's crucial to address the humanitarian needs as quickly as possible. "There are only 300,000 people who actually live in Bangladesh. It's already a tightly populated community. The Bangladeshi people have been very hospitable by allowing these people to stay."

Having so many people on a relatively small piece of land does has its risks. "We need work closely with the Bangladeshi government to make sure that diseases don’t break out, make sure these people can be in a safe place where things like human trafficking don't begin to happen and to make sure they have a sense of hope and future."

Money raised will support efforts to reach people fleeing Myanmar as well as their host communities in Bangladesh. The UK Government has announced it will match first £3 million donated by the public to the DEC Emergency Appeal pound for pound.

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