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Changes Made to the CheckMyTrip Website

When you book with Raptim, you receive a unique CheckMyTrip-link. By using this link, you can easily access your existing travel booking(s) online. CheckMyTrip recently implemented an upgrade to their service which improves the security of your personal data.

Changes Made to CheckMyTrip

After the upgrade, CheckMyTrip users need to login before they can use the service thereby making it impossible to access your personal travel plan without logging in. As a result, privacy is improved, meaning your personal data is better protected from unauthorized access. New users can create a brand-new profile by following the registration process. After creating your password and filling in your first and last name, you can visit the website and easily access your travel data by signing in using your personal email address.

Amadeus CheckMyTrip is a two-way-saver; saving on cost and time for travelers by enabling them to look up their own itinerary. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, CheckMyTrip gives you a simple and user-friendly interface to manage every aspect of your trip. You can easily check flight numbers, seat assignments, airport gates, check-in times, itinerary changes and more, just from your mobile device!

We are happy to help you on each step of your journey because we believe our world is a better place when your compassion is taken to where it is needed the most. Want to know more about CheckMyTrip or additional travel services? Never hesitate to contact the nearest Raptim office!