272 - How we combat the challenge of travel disruptions
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How we combat the challenge of travel disruptions

Raptim spoke with Amadeus about duty of care

The travel industry loses a lot of money because of disruptions. And more importantly, disruptions can threaten the wellbeing of travelers. That’s why Raptim uses professional assistance for handling disruptions. CEO Bart Kruijsen sat down with Amadeus to discuss the challenges of travel disruption.

The significance of duty of care for travelers

An estimated $60 billion in revenue is lost annually by the travel industry, that’s some 8 percent of global airline industry revenues. But aside from the costs, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) should have a duty of care system in place to provide a safe and secure travel environment.

At Raptim, we understand the significance of duty of care for travelers. We make a point of it to focus on the well-being of humanitarian travelers. One of the tools we use to provide professional assistance for handling disruptions is the Amadeus Mobile Messenger. With this messenger, we track the movement of travelers to get a full picture of the situation of compassionate aid workers as they travel to that vulnerable location to offer help.

Raptim’s CEO Bart Kruijsen spoke with Amadeus, the provider of technology in the travel sector, to explain how we deal with disruptions as well as monitor the safety and well-being of travelers throughout a trip.

“With Raptim Care or Amadeus Mobile Messenger, our technology really helps to add value to the organizations. We use it to inform them, track and trace them, to communicate with them and to follow them on their trips and make sure they come home safe”, Bart tells Amadeus.”

"By preparing your people and providing them with the right information, real-time, track your people and be able to communicate with them, wherever they are, becomes more and more crucial. And only technology can help with that. But it's also important to filter technology in the right way. That you send the relevant information to your people.”

Often, organizations run into difficulties when they try to make their own travel bookings online to find the cheapest fares. “That may seem cheap, but in case of disruption, it can become a disaster. It’s important to stick to the travel policy. Not only for reasons of costs, but also for security and duty of care. The products that we’ve developed, helps travel managers to prepare their organization better when there is a disruption.”

Raptim Care makes it easier for you to stay connected with your people in the field or on a mission, and to monitor them at any time in any given context. Our work doesn’t end until our travelers, your employees, are safe at home. Find out more about the functionalities of Raptim Care.