World Health Day 2018
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Celebrate World Health Day 2018!

Every year on the 7th of April, World Health Day is celebrated. It is a truly global event promoted by the World Health Organization. The theme this year is Universal Health Coverage. Because we believe access to healthcare should be made available to everyone, everywhere. That is why we want to become a part of this celebration.

World Health Day Main Events

Access to healthcare is a pressing concern for the global community. During the 2018 World Health Day, it will be the priority for institutions and professionals across the globe. Here’s the list of events that will be held in the context of World Health Day;

Understanding the Importance of Global Health

Especially on World Health Day, let’s all contribute to make global health the highest priority in April 2018! Along with other major development issues, global health and access to healthcare are the key concerns for the international community today. Despite the great work and dedication of international NGOs, there are still many vulnerable people in the world who are unable to be given proper treatment or immunization and often die from preventable and curable diseases. We must rise up to the challenges and educate ourselves about global health and how we can help universal access to healthcare become a reality.

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