Duty of Care Need to know list

Raptim Care


Raptim Care makes it easier for you to stay connected with your people in the field or on a mission, and to monitor them at any time in any given context. Our work doesn’t end until our travelers, your employees, are safe at home.

Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are based on the latest risk and context analyses carried out by a leading international risk company. PTAs are distributed to all email addresses within a reservation and/or custom distribution list for the risk levels the partner has selected. Customers may also opt to turn off PTAs.

Be vigilant and stay in the know with custom risk alerts. With Raptim Care’s risk tool, partners can choose the risk levels (from low to high and extreme risk) for which they wish to stay informed. Risk alerts are sent to all email addresses within a reservation and/or custom distribution list. The email addresses on the recipient list will receive a list of potentially affected travelers. Risk alerts cover: political developments, conflict and terrorism, demonstrations and unrest, crime and corruption, natural and environmental disasters, health and medical issues, travel safety and disruptions.

With Raptim Care’s interactive map tool, you can geo-localize employees at any given time, wherever they may be as long as the travel has been booked through Raptim Humanitarian Travel.

A login is given to specific contacts within the organization.

Partners can:

  • Visually identify where travelers are located
  • Initiate email/push messages to travelers
  • Locate travelers via the app
  • Access reporting

Please note: Training is required to learn how to use the tool correctly. Raptim is happy to provide this training to partners.


Is a hurricane on its way, or has a conflict broken out? Raptim Care’s push messaging capability puts you in direct contact with the traveler(s). Partners can ask the traveler(s) to respond with a message, or provide his/her GPS location.


Raptim Care’s reporting capability is incredibly comprehensive.

Reporting functionalities include:

  • Airline queries (e.g. there is an airline strike - who is flying?)
  • Country risk level queries (e.g. find all travelers in an extreme risk country for a given date range)
  • Itinerary queries (e.g. there is a strike Dubai, who has Dubai as a part of their plans)
  • Messaging per client queries (e.g. what communications have been sent? Results broken out per account ID (AIAN)
  • Messaging queries (e.g. what communications have been sent to a specific person or set of people?)
  • Traveler Geo-Fencing Location Reports
  • Traveler Contact Information Reports
  • Risk Summary Reports
  • Airport Flight Info Reports
  • Alert Summary Reports
  • Alert Summary Reports by Country