Raptim Care is your trusted partner

We offer Raptim Care to partners, because we value Duty of Care and ensuring that travelers get where they’re needed most—and back home again. Partners gain access to the powerful monitoring and communication tools for the travel that is booked through us at Raptim Humanitarian Travel. We offer customized service options based on the size and scope of your work and duty of care analysis.

PTA and Risk Alert Messages Email/Push
PTA Distributed 8 days prior to departure / Risk Alert distributed 4 days within travel or if in affected area  
Flight monitoring distributed for cancelled flights and departure delays of 30 minutes and more **
Customized levels PTA/Risk Alerts (Email & Push Messaging)  
Customized timing on PTA / Risk Alert distribution  
Email messaging to specific contact(s) within organizations  
Login to Map User Interface    
Initiate email/push messages to travellers    
Geo-fencing capability – Locate travellers via app    
Reporting capabilities    

*Available in North America only
** Available in Europe/Africa


Centre for Safety and Development

"We recently used the Raptim Care Tool in Northern Nigeria. One of our trainers organized a security training for local NGOs. We knew from the office where he was and he was kept informed by the tool of the security situation. The quality of the information provided was often better than the local information available. It helped him greatly!"
-Ebe Brons - Director

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards

"For several months GRI has been receiving travel alerts via Raptim Care.  These alerts help us in informing our travelers about any difficulties or dangerous situations they need to be aware of when traveling. In some cases calamities were successfully avoided as we were able to change plans due to being informed on time. Sometimes the alert is as simple as a warning about an Airline or airport which has canceled all flights, to more serious issues as riots breaking out. The feedback from our frequent travelers show that the travel alerts are very much appreciated as they make our colleagues feel they are well-informed and watched-over."
- Marja van der Most - Senior Coordinator Events & Office Management