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It’s better to sacrifice than to live untouched

Making philanthropy more effective and capitalism more inclusive

In her work, Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novogratz focuses on making philanthropy more effective and capitalism more inclusive by taking philanthropic resources and investing them in what she calls “patient capital”.

The selfless commitment with which many of our clients travel the world to make a difference stirs our soul here at Raptim. And it is a privilege to be able to contribute to their causes. In this light, Jacqueline Novogratz is an inspiration to us. Her motto in life is: It’s better to sacrifice, than to live untouched. We can attest to that!

“What we really yearn for as human beings is to be visible to each other.”

Jacqueline Novogratz, founder Acumen Fund

If it’s up to Novogratz, “patient capital” will be invested in entrepreneurs who do not see the poor as passive recipients of charity, but rather as full-bodied agents of change, who want to solve their own problems and make their own decisions. Because, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

“What we really yearn for as human beings is to be visible to each other,” she said. Central to this is the dignity that comes along with being able to solve our own problems.

It is her dream that, one day, we will live in a world where we don’t just honor those who take money and make more money from it, but that we find those individuals who take our resources and convert them into changing the world in the most positive ways.

“It’s only when we honor them, celebrate them and give them status that the world will really change,” said Novogratz. She calls on all of us to be the kind of leaders that lead from a place that has the audacity to believe we, ourselves, can extend the fundamental assumption, that all men are created equal, to every man, woman and child on this planet.

And we need to have the humility to recognize that we cannot do it alone. “Robert Kennedy once said that few of us have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work just to change a small portion of events. And it is in the total of all those acts that the history of this generation will be written.”