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The best sources for aid worker travel information

There are multiple sources available to humanitarian relief and aid workers when they are looking for travel information.

Specific travel information involves:

  • Reading of background information about places where you want to go. The CIA has a great website with a database named World Factbook.
  • Finding out whether your profession is needed in a specific area. At Reliefweb, you will find an excellent source with pre-deployment information and humanitarian job vacancies.
  • Information on visa or other specific border documents. This is, of course, dependent on the country you will work with. CIBT is a great source of information for that!
  • Information on your vaccines or what to pack.
  • More information about your booked flights at Raptim. For this, you can directly contact our offices.

One of the most important sources of information is this website where you can learn about our history, what inspires us and what our goals are. On a regular basis, you can find humanitarian news articles and interviews with Raptim employees so that you can discover what drives and inspires us. Other sources at your disposal are

Our offices are located all over the world and on every continent, covering all time zones. Please use the quick address locator to find a travel consultant near you whom you can directly contact. You can also find basic information such as address, telephone, fax, email and opening hours of any specific office. Feel free to contact us anytime!

On a day to day basis, you can contact us through our social media channels. Have a look at:

On all of our social media pages, you will find updates of company-related information. We also give you specific travel information via Twitter, for instance when specific remote locations are temporarily unreachable, airports are closed or when there is a pilots’ strike. Raptim’s travel consultants are always able to quickly and efficiently locate the best travel option for you. They also possess unmatched knowledge on specific passport requirements as well as special documentation that is needed for a particular location. Please contact or follow us on what’s most convenient for you. We are here to help because compassion matters.