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Benefits of a Managed Travel Program

Identify overall spend and outline vendor segmentation & cost-reduction strategies by using a managed travel program. You’ll also have various benefits in terms of security and reporting at your disposal.

Budget & Security of a travel program

  • Track and sort by specific accounting fields
  • Track related travel expenditures
  • Track expenses with year-over-year variance for forecasting
  • Identify travelers’ locations during crisis events
  • Measure actual-to-budget expenses by category
    • Air, car, hotel, service fees
    • Departments within organization
  • Provide data consolidation
  • Analyze travel patterns for vendor negotiation
  • Promote Common Goals within the organization


  • Enforce Policy Compliance
  • Implement use of a Corporate Credit Card
    • Organization accumulates rewards to offset staff travel expenditures
  • Garner free tickets & travel perks with consistent use of Airline Points program
  • Identify gaps and challenges for siloed travel within various departments
  • Personnel
    • Current tasks supported by Organization’s Staff moved to Raptim for support, enabling Organization to reduce or realign existing personnel
  • Airfare
  • Unused airline ticket value to utilize for a future travel program
  • Hotel rates
    • Track hotel nights & properties to negotiate reduced rates based on annual estimated usage

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