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Travel at Bargain Rates when You are a Faith-based Traveler

Since our own very first mission travel, and all through the years, we have seen some incredibly inspiring mission work. We understand your mission needs a bargain airfair. Since the beginning, we at Raptim love churches and people who are committed to sharing their love for the community. There are so many compassionate organizations willing to put in the required effort. Mission work by churches, missionaries, and clergy have proved to be an effective part of many countries’ development throughout history. We understand your mission needs a bargain airfair.

It is simply inspiring to see so many compassionate, faith-based organizations working 24 hours a day making sure our world is getting better, one step at a time. But still, there is so much work to be done to bring light to the darkness that is present all around the world.

Mission Travel at Bargain Airfares Helps

Whether you are helping people in poverty, children in need, or travel on a mission to share the word of God and strengthen communities, we are committed and proud to serve you by offering airfares at bargain prices so you’re sure that the bulk of your valuable and often limited resources will be available for you to use directly in your cause. This enables you to put your entire focus on helping those who need it most. Whether you’re taking a short mission trip or moving abroad to serve for a longer period, we want to help. We’ll do everything in our power to make travel arrangements a low priority for you by making it a high priority for us.

Airfares at a Bargain, the Benefits

Besides special airfares, there are other numerous benefits to be gained from our close collaboration with over 40 airlines all across the world:

  • Anyone who’s on a mission can benefit from high levels of flexibility when booking a flight, so the cost-related effects of changing your itinerary are limited.
  • Cancellations of flights are often free of charge.
  • Changes to your itinerary can be arranged and made with very short notice.

This is very helpful to volunteers whose traveling schedule could vary unpredictably from day to day depending on changing circumstances. Should you have to decide to change your itinerary, we will quickly make these arrangements for you at little or no extra costs. While booking a flight with a low-cost airline may look cheaper, making changes to your itinerary will most always greatly increase your ticket price.

The Benefits for your Mission

We can offer a full range of travel services. Whether you’re an individual, church group, or missionary organization, we’ll help you achieve your goals. We can offer this because of our close relationships with airlines that give us access to the most flexible fares — including discounted missionary airfares with generous terms and flexible conditions for long missions. Where deemed necessary, we can even delay ticketing while funds are being raised.

Contact Us

Today, our work extends to churches, missionaries, and clergy. Whether you’re an individual, church group, or missionary organization, we can arrange humanitarian travel that’s just right for you and your organization. Never hesitate to contact us through our quick address locator should you have any questions at all.