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Bangladesh; Getting to Know The Local Customs

The culture and customs of Bangladesh have evolved over the centuries and encompass the cultural diversity of several social groups. Influenced by Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, people in Bangladesh are quite conservative in social behavior.

The Local Customs in Bangladesh

As a visitor from a foreign country, you are always asked to sit down. In case there are no chairs available, a low stool or a bamboo mat will be provided to you. After all, you’re there to help the community by doing compassionate work! In Bangladesh, it is considered improper for a visitor to sit on the floor or ground. The host is expected to offer guests a place to sit and something to eat.

Personal space is less of an issue in Bangladesh than in many Western cultures. Bengalis stand close to each other while in conversation with someone of the same gender and touching is common. However, when a man speaks with a woman, the space is commonly increased.

When a foreign man greets a Bangladeshi woman, he should only nod, unless she extends her hand. Businessmen are addressed “Bahadur” (“Sir”), while “Begum” (“Madam”) is the proper way to address women.

In crowded public places where you can find services such as train stations, the post office, or bazaars, nicely queuing up is not very common. Receiving service is largely dependent on pushing and maintaining your place in line.

Kissing or hugging in public is a major taboo in a socially conservative country like Bangladesh. It's also best to avoid any general loud behavior, like expressing anger. Try not to give or receive anything with your left hand, but always use the right. This same thing goes for eating and drinking. Clothing is quite conservative for both men and women. Men wear dark colored suits and shoes that are easy to slip on and off if possible. Women are in business suits or dresses and blouses.  Tight fitting and revealing clothing, are best to be avoided, as well as sleeveless attire.   Dresses should not reveal too much of the legs.

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