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Raptim Humanitarian Travel Tips: How To Avoid a Passport Application Delay

If you’re flying off soon to help those who need help the most, you’ll need an up-to-date passport. To avoid an unanticipated passport application delay, there are some critical factors to think about before submitting your paperwork.

Main reasons for a Passport Application Delay

‘It always pays off to do things in advance’, is what most mothers tell their children. The same goes with an application for a new passport. Especially being a compassionate humanitarian who can suddenly be called upon, to fly to an emergency in a remote area. Give yourself plenty of time before your trip to dodge a dreaded delay. The routine processing time for a passport takes up to six weeks, but this can be delayed quite a bit when something is not in order. Note that these tips are based on American legislation, passport application policies might differ in your country.

  • Looking good in a passport photo is always a nice goal, but trying to look too well, you potentially break the passport photo rules. Passport photos must follow strict criteria to be validated. Most hosts of photo booths can help you take official passport photos. Use this handy passport photo guide for additional assistance.
  • Child Support Payments might delay a passport application or even cause it to be denied. If you owe $2,500 or more in child support, you will not be eligible for a passport. When you’re making arrangements to pay your child support, be aware that it might take two to three weeks to be fully processed.
  • On all documents, signatures need to be the same. If your signatures do not match, expect processing issues to come up, and of course, a delay. Do your best to use the same signature on every single form and document.
  • If your passport book is damaged, you can’t renew it. You will need to follow the replacement passport checklist. This is important as it will undoubtedly delay your application.
  • When applying for a new passport, identification documents must be provided. Especially if that application requires a visit to a passport acceptance agent, you want to make sure this is in order.
  • When applying for a replacement passport or a new adult passport, you must provide the Long Form Birth Certificate. The long form version is the birth certificate with your parents’ full names on it. The certificate also needs to be an original or certified copy of the birth certificate.
  • Please make sure to pay the government fees in the form of a check for the exact amount it costs. It’s not just bad news if you pay too little, paying too much will delay your application as well.

The travel tips to avoid a passport application delay mentioned above can prove to be helpful when you're undertaking humanitarian travel. Especially when you often travel to the farthest and most remote locations of our planet to help people in need. We believe our world is a better place when your compassion can travel where it is needed most, and we are glad to help you with every step of your journey. Want to know more? Follow our blog for more travel information.