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Autumn Travel…The Extra-Value Season

Benefits to consider for faith-based organizations

Many humanitarian travelers choose the spring and summer months to travel to the service field and offer help to the most vulnerable people. It is true that days are longer, the weather is warm and families may have fewer pressures from the routines of school life. However, if possible for schedules, there are some great advantages to travel in the Fall instead.

Why Autumn?

Although Raptim recognizes the “economy of need” that drives the realities of developing a mission or humanitarian project, straying from the usual timing of trips can bring added value to the travel component. We have listed below some of the advantages of adding fall travel to your mission/service commitment.

· Lower prices
For faith-based organizations, stewardship is foremost. Travel to the field is often funded through donations. There is a real responsibility to maximize the use of funds for the good of others. The higher prices of summer/peak season travel ease somewhat in the fall months, but often the good weather persists.

· Less crowded flights and airports
Nobody likes long queues and possible missed flights, because of crowded airports. Time is valuable, and there is more discretion in your travel scheduling to help those who need help the most.

· Increased itinerary choice
To travel in the Fall, means there are more schedule options than in summer season. This is based on increased availability and fewer travelers. It means you can get a lot closer to remote areas. Another benefit for compassionate, faith-based aid workers is the ability to leave from an airport nearer to home, saving you significant time, effort, and inconvenience.

· More available group space
 Avoiding the jam-packed summertime eases the way to take large teams and groups, all on the same flight.  A bigger group of faith-based aid workers accommodated on the same travel mission allows for more people to be served and more ground to be covered.

· Promotional fares
Another important advantage to travel in the Fall is the prevalence of special offers. The increased chance of very affordable negotiated group fares, in addition to advantageous individual fares, help you to maximize all your resources.

For over sixty years, we’ve been organizing humanitarian and faith-based travel; group and individual, short-term and career service. Whether you travel in the Fall or otherwise, our staff is dedicated and focused on the complex and, at times, very urgent travel needs of those who travel in service to the world. Contacting Raptim Humanitarian Travel for your group, team or individual travel needs will connect you with an expert in getting travelers to the places they are needed most because…Compassion Matters.