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Ask Our Travel Consultants: Limiting Travel Expenses

The savings made from avoiding unnecessary and unwanted costs not only benefits those in need of relief but also the humanitarians themselves. To ensure that you enjoy these advantages, we’re offering you additional ways of saving on travel expenses thanks to our experienced travel consultants.

Keep a close eye on your travel expenses

In our previous blog post, we mentioned the importance of maximizing the usage of your available funds. We also discussed the ways which can help you reach your ultimate cost control goals. First and foremost, you will benefit from flexible ticket conditions and humanitarian fares. We offer you exclusive services with high levels of flexibility when booking a flight. Cancellations, which are often free of charge, and changes to your itinerary can be made within a very short notice. All of these unique features are available because of our close collaboration with over 40 airlines over the past decades.

We are glad to continue serving you with travel saving tips. That’s why we consulted our dedicated and experienced staff, again, to provide you with even more tips so you can save costs on your travel expenses.  Having the maximum amount of funds available for your cause is what matters most. It enables you to help those in need to a greater extent and to the best of your ability.

  • Buy local products at your destination
    Conduct pre-travel research to gain insight on the products which you can buy at your humanitarian destination. Don't bring too much from home. By purchasing products at your destination, you support the local economy which has been deteriorated due to wars or natural calamity. These products, especially when crafted by the local population, are often cheaper than when you buy them at home; a classic win-win situation.
  • Pre-arrange ground travel
    Only use approved ground transportation after you’ve landed. Contact your Raptim Travel consultant for advice regarding this subject. In addition to comfort, convenience and timesaving, pre-arranged ground travel is, more often than not, substantially cheaper.
  • Alert your bank of travel plans
    Always consider informing your bank before your travel. Banks and credit card companies often have fraud monitoring systems that may interpret unusual card activity as potential fraud. Also, sign up for card alerts to stay informed about activities on your Debit, ATM or Prepaid Cards. Most banks offer timely informative alerts on your mobile phone or through email thereby letting you know when something goes wrong. These real-time notifications are often free of charge.
  • Use a local pre-paid phone
    Ensure that you cancel your mobile subscription at home should you go on a humanitarian mission for a substantial amount of time. Use a Prepaid solution at your destination. This saves you a monthly fee which you won’t use anyway.
  • Profit from group policies
    Look into cost-saving group policies when arranging group travel. Almost every service company offers group discounts, whether it’s for insurance, car rental or other means of transport. At Raptim we provide tailored solutions for humanitarian groups of all possible sizes. Contact your Raptim travel consultant should you desire more information about the potential savings that could result. 

Every humanitarian can maximize their effort by avoiding any unnecessary travel expenses. The tips mentioned above are just but a few additions on our previous blog posts regarding this subject matter.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. There are countless projects that humanitarians are selflessly involved in, and we’re happy to help any humanitarian who has any form of questions about humanitarian travel. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.