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Arranging Travel Insurance for Humanitarian Travelers

The essence of humanitarian aid work cannot be outlined in detail in a single sentence. But, in a nutshell, it’s helpful, rewarding and crucial. Despite these are exuberating features, it also exposes the humanitarian aid workers to risks that regular travel insurance isn’t designed to cover.

The importance of travel insurance

Are you going overseas to provide humanitarian aid? Then you’re exposed to more health risks than a regular tourist. Though the chances could be relatively small, the likelihood of contracting a disease during an epidemic spreading within the local population increases. Traveling in the aftermath of a natural disaster is demanding. You will need to take into account dealing with floods, falling debris, or other health hazards. Although this is the very reason to travel to these uncommon places, it is essential that you protect your health. The good news is that you can gain more control over these demanding situations by getting proper travel insurance.

Different insurance for different locations
Initially, we mentioned three vital travel services. We want to add one more: travel insurance. Duty of care responsibility is one of the most important priorities for NGOs today. It has become more of a challenge in recent times. Humanitarian groups feel the pressure of keeping their people safe in a dangerous and constantly changing environment. Aid workers subject themselves to harm by traveling to the world’s most remote locations to fight against poverty, hunger, disease, lack of education and violations of human rights. Fortunately, dealing with unexpected situations can be dealt with through good insurance.

Humanitarian travel insurance covers different types of situations such as:

  •          Lost or delayed luggage
  •          Damaged, broken or stolen technology
  •          Trip delay
  •          Car insurance
  •          Health insurance
  •          Medical evacuation
  •          Repatriation

You can decide on the ideal travel insurance based on your destination. Different locations require various types of insurance. Traveling to a war-torn country increases health and evacuation related risks while a damaged car, on the other side, is more likely to happen when you travel to a location struck by a natural disaster. Choosing your travel insurance is a critical part of your pre-travel arrangements. Be sure to make a well-thought-out decision based on experience and research.

We work in close collaboration with three major travel insurance companies. We ensure that every humanitarian traveler that goes with Raptim is in safe hands and well-covered

International Care

“We understand that an insurance program is only as important as the benefits it provides your employees, when they are needed the most. Working closely with you, we'll develop a solution to meet your defined goals”

Clements Worldwide

“Our business thrives on referrals – in fact, the majority of our clients are referred by happy customers. Many of our clients keep their coverage with Clements throughout their time abroad, adding up to an extremely loyal customer base. Since 1947, we’ve upheld the promise of integrity, experience and service in everything we do. Every day, we give our word to you"


“We offer a wide range of travel protection plans for every kind of trip and every kind of traveler. Our travel insurance is available from travel agencies, tour operators, major airports and online. Whether our customers experience cancellations, interruptions or injuries, they rely on us for coverage.”

Be sure to check out their websites to gain insight into their services.

We devote ourselves to helping those who need it most. Arranging humanitarian travel insurance is a part of our  promise to be a full service travel management company for our clients. We are always easily reachable via numerous and diverse means of communication thanks to our global offices. Use our quick address locator to pinpoint the nearest Raptim office should you have any questions regarding travel insurance.