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Arranging Humanitarian Group Travel

Things You Shouldn’t Forget

The goal with humanitarian travel, as with all travel is to make it uneventful. Partnering with a travel management company that knows your destination and is an expert in arranging group travel can help assure that your team trip is smooth and worry-free.

Arranging humanitarian group travel

The task of a group coordinator isn’t an easy one. You are responsible for the well-being of your travelers; often traveling to difficult, unpredictable and vulnerable locations.  Well-thought out decisions are a must, as the process can be daunting and can carry a big price tag. We can offer group negotiation expertise, ease of booking and trip management. Stewardship is primary, and we are here to see that your valuable resources will be spent to further your cause; helping those where it’s needed most.

From arranging and changing complex itineraries, reacting to unexpected developments and making the proper pre-travel arrangements, humanitarian travel managers oversee every little step of the journey a humanitarian traveler makes. These are some examples of the most important matters they should think about when arranging travel:

  • Arrange insurance
    Serving overseas can allow exposure to more health risks than a regular tourist. A missed flight or overnight delay can be costly. Dealing with unexpected situations in remote locations can be addressed through proper insurance.
  • Medical Requirements
    We provide pre-trip advice on vaccinations and other health issues for your intended destination. We also highly recommend you make sure everyone in your travel group makes a pre-travel appointment with your primary physician, or a public health travel clinic.
  • Travel Documents
    Make sure everyone in your travel group has the correct travel documents. You can use CIBT to determine if a visa is required at your destination. If yes, make sure everyone applies for a visa as soon as possible. This will prevent the last-minute rush fees and save you a lot of money and valuable time. Still got some questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help!
  • Duty of care
    As a team leader or coordinator, you’re tasked with looking after the safety and well-being of your travelers. You must provide proper security to keep the team safe and a plan to provide aid at vulnerable locations.
  • Local customs
  • Be sure to set up a group meeting before departure to instruct the team members about the local customs of your destination. It is helpful to be aware of practices unique to your destination. Behave like a local, and you will have a higher chance of being trusted by the local population. This benefits your ability to serve.

We know the world you work in. Our staff is dedicated and focused on your complex, and often, very urgent travel needs.