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Arranging a Travel Insurance – Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Humanitarian travel exposes aid workers to risks that regular insurance isn’t designed to cover. That’s why tailored humanitarian travel insurance is best suited for a humanitarian’s travel needs. In addition to easing medical issues, it can also cover for losses and expenses which are best spent on alleviating suffering for those who need help the most.

The importance of travel insurance

Each humanitarian insurance policy should be tailored to suit your individual or group travel requirements. Because you might be exposed to health or environmental risks. Traveling in the aftermath of a natural disaster is not always a safe endeavor since you will need to consider dealing with floods, falling debris, communicable diseases and other health hazards. Although this is the very reason to travel to these uncommon places, it is essential that you protect your health and belongings. The good news is that you can gain more control over these demanding, unpredictable situations by getting proper travel insurance.  

  • Group discounts
    Are you traveling with a group? Be sure to negotiate group discounts when booking travel insurance. This can save you a substantial amount of money.
  • Protect your health
    Ensure you look into the medical coverage for you and possibly the other members of your global team. You might have specific medical requirements. Be sure that your travel insurance provider can fit your specific needs.
  • Baggage cover
    Our advice is to prevent packing valuable items which aren't necessary. But sometimes expensive luggage, such as technical equipment, is necessary for providing the best possible aid, in an effective and efficient manner. The costs of losing or damaging this valuable luggage, which is common in rough circumstances, can really add up. Be sure to consider baggage cover if you deem it necessary.
  • Personal liability
    The benefit of personal liability is paid to cover expenses due to injury to a 3rd person or damage to that person's property. If you aren't already in possession of a worldwide personal liability coverage, remember to consider this when arranging travel insurance.
  • 24-access to emergency line
    One of the greatest attributes of a humanitarian insurance policy is a 24/7 service. By offering this service, the insurance company offers around-the-clock access to all clients. Make sure that your travel management company offers this service when you’ve chosen to include travel insurance when booking your travel.

Insurance is of great importance to humanitarian aid workers. We’re a full-service humanitarian travel management company, which means we can provide assistance when arranging travel insurance. Want to know more? Please contact your nearest Raptim office.