240 – Advisory Forum Event Atlanta
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Advisory Forum Event Atlanta

Focusing on Duty of Care and Serving safely

Local and global experts in the aid community joined each other at the Advisory Forum in Atlanta. The immaculate Delta Flight Museum of Delta Airlines was the stage of the afternoon. Hosted by Raptim Humanitarian Travel, the forum comprising of NGOs, faith-based humanitarian organizations and sponsors discussed how to transform lives and strengthen communities around the world where we all serve.

Learning from experts at the Advisory Forum in Atlanta

This edition of the Advisory Forum was held at a special place. Located at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, the Delta Flight Museum opened in 1995 to follow the history of the airline and look at the future of flying. The Western Union and Clements Worldwide Insurance joined Delta Airlines as the main sponsor of this big event.

‘Duty of Care – Serving safely’ was the central theme of the afternoon. The panel discussed related subjects such as corporate liability, communication, volunteer screening, training, and debriefing. Emphasis was made on the importance of cultural education and advocacy while serving at remote locations. Additionally, the panel insisted on the need to connect with staff and volunteers in case of emergency.

The experts exchanged ideas about insurance and difficulties surrounding financial needs in remote areas. It is of great importance that money transfer is not only easy, but also the circumstances for the people picking it up at the local office must be safe.

The interaction between attendees and sponsors at the museum was lively, to say the least. Attendees explained situations they struggle with and sought solutions from other participants. In this open and interactive setting, the best practices were shared, and solutions to common issues discussed at length. The time passed quickly as subjects moved to stewardship and the need for value, as well as team coordination and travel insurance options.

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