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What are the advantages of special academic travel?

Whether it is a semester abroad or a short trip for a conference, academic travel can be enriching. University and high-school students often embark on their first independent trips. Travelling allows them to learn about themselves and the world. Meanwhile, professionals use academic travel to expand their learning and exchange learning. As you can see, there are many advantages to unique academic travel. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

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Learning first-hand

Today, we receive an incredible amount of information. Shows on TV, photos on social media, movies, books, advertisements… all open our eyes to new and exciting places in the world. Often, in class, we learn about world history and geography, or political events in some country or other.

However, learning from a media source is not the same as experiencing it yourself. Academic travel allows you to bridge textbook knowledge with real-life scenarios. From theory or photos, you can find the tangible qualities of a place, and learn from it first-hand.

Making friends around the world  

Education travel also allows us to meet new people. Whether you are going on an exchange year abroad or to a conference, the connections you make can last a lifetime. Also, traveling with others creates a special kind of bond. You face new situations together, and this creates long-lasting friendships. This isn’t just a chance to have a place to crash anywhere around the world. Global networking can do wonders for your career. As the world of work becomes more and more international, having global connections can make a real difference.

Discovering adaptation skills

When you travel, you need to learn to adapt. There will always be challenging situations while traveling. It might be culture shock if you are going to a country that’s very different from your own. Or you might not like your roommate during travels. It can also be hard to be in a group for a long time, without enough sleep and rest.

These are the types of skills that will be essential for the future. Travel can prepare you to respond to emergencies, deal with conflict, and feel comfortable in a variety of settings.

Exchanging ideas and innovating

With new technologies, learning from others is easier than ever. You can have a Skype call with someone and brainstorm ideas across borders. But nothing beats face-to-face interaction. It’s still the most fruitful way to generate stimulating discussion with your peers.

This kind of knowledge exchange can also lead to innovation. For example, an essential way of doing something in one place can be life-changing somewhere else. By seeing these differences first-hand, you can bring information home and implement it within your context.

Understanding new cultures

Culture is another intangible reality that does not translate over digital communication. You need to immerse yourself in a different culture to truly understand its nuances. Sometimes this can be exciting, and at others, it could be shocking. In either case, it’s an invaluable learning experience!

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Expanding professional opportunities

Of course, academic travel also sets you up for better professional opportunities. We’ve already mentioned the benefits of international networking. However, the professional skills that you gain through academic travel are also fundamental.

Adaptation, flexibility, interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, quick learning, are just a few skills you’ll pick up through academic travel. Plus, if you are making a more extended educational trip, you might learn another language, boosting your curriculum even further.

Having fun!

Last, but certainly not least, academic travel is fun! It doesn’t all have to be about constant learning. You should also consider the excitement of sightseeing, meeting new people, tasting different cuisines, and all the good stuff that comes with travel.

Planning with an academic travel partner

Successful academic travel requires rigorous organization and preparation. It is also essential to have the proper duty of care standards, particularly when traveling with large groups. That’s why an academic travel partner is so vital for learning trips. For example, Key Travel provides an excellent set of services, taking care of even of the smallest details of your academic journey.

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