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A Closer Look at Development: Mission Aviation Fellowship

In our ‘A Closer Look’ series, we highlight an organization which puts high value on aid or the development of vulnerable locations. We are honored to call Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) our highlighted organization in the third edition of the series. It is a faith-based organization which operates a fleet of 130 light aircraft from bases in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America. Their flights support indigenous churches and local evangelists, create access to medical care, provide disaster relief, and make community development projects possible in some of the most remote and unusual places on earth.

The power of aviation

You will find Mission Aviation Fellowship[1] in the most unusual and hard-to-reach places. These are vulnerable locations since its inhabitants live isolated from the rest of the world. Often they are cut off from the most basic needs such as clean drinking water and electricity.

MAF’s expert pilots are highly trained and are comfortable with maneuvering light aircraft through rugged, inaccessible and mountainous terrain. To bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, food supplies, agriculture and clean water projects, to help those who need it most. They do this because they are passionate about helping disadvantaged people all around our planet.

They also offer technological solutions, such as course creation software, which make it easy for isolated Christians to receive theological training and then pass it on with or without an internet connection. In addition to aviation and technology, MAF’s work also involves providing training. They train people in a broad array of areas; from technical instruction like VSAT installation and server maintenance to sharing biblical story-telling principles and providing theological education opportunities for national pastors.

MAF was, and still is, active in Nepal. Where a terrible earthquake shook the nation in 2015. They are helping other organizations meet needs like education, provision of clean water, and helping in rebuilding efforts in villages high in the mountains by providing access to remote locations. This way, MAF intends to help the vulnerable population and show God’s love to the Nepalese people in the years to come.

We are closely related to MAF and other like-minded organizations that put great emphasis on aviation and humanitarian work. We are propelled by our corresponding compassionate goal of helping people who need it most. Be sure to browse through our daily updated News & Community section if you want to learn more about that which inspires us, our vision and our goals as a travel management company.