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A Closer Look at Development: ICS

In our ‘A Closer Look’ series, we highlight an NGO which puts high value on aid or the development of vulnerable locations. We are honored that ICS – Driver of Development is the first organization we feature in this brand new series. It’s an NGO which supports countries in need and helps create opportunities for better agriculture, access to clean drinking water, improved opportunities for youth employment and guidance for parenting. These endeavors stimulate the local economy and wellbeing of farming families; a mission we applaud.

The importance of sustainable development

ICS is an innovative development organization with a pragmatic approach; an aspect we can closely relate to. While, as a travel management company, one of our integrations for promoting sustainability is CO2 compensation, ICS uses sustainable economic development and well-being of farming families in developing countries to help them move further. Their main areas of work lie in rural East Africa, where they focus primarily on locations which depend extensively on agriculture. Furthermore, ICS has plans to expand to Uganda, just bordering Kenya to the west, in 2016.

What makes this NGO fascinating is their goal to create opportunities based on growth instead of short-term effects. They teach the vulnerable and affected local populations how to be self-reliant. They show them how to tap into their strength, work independently and take responsibility for their lives.

An example: In Siaya, a county in Western Kenya, and Kahama, a district in the northern part of Tanzania, ICS and her partners take the strengthening of families into account. Both financially, through helping them increasing their yields, and socially, through their skillful parenting method. The partners of ICS are experts on sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV/Aids. Hopefully, their efforts will contribute to their inspiring goal of drastically reducing the number of HIV infections among girls and young women in rural Kenya and Tanzania by 40% before autumn 2018.

Another way of accomplishing sustainable development is by setting up social enterprises that boost local economies of farming families. It improves the local economy by stimulating agriculture. Regarding parenting, ICS offers in-depth parent-training programs. In these programs, parents are taught how they can make use of economic progress in their area with a view of positively impacting the future of their families. In that way, they aim to set off a chain reaction of sustainable economic and social development.

We are closely related to ICS and other like-minded organizations that put great emphasis on sustainable development. They could be NGOs, volunteer or faith-based organizations. We are propelled by our corresponding compassionate goal of helping people who need it most. Be sure to browse through our daily updated News & Community section if you want to learn more about that which inspires us, our vision and our goals as a travel management company.