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A Closer Look at Development: Climate Neutral Group

In the ‘A Closer Look’ series, we highlight organizations which put a high value on aid, better living conditions for all and the sustainable development of this precious planet. In the eighth chapter of the series, we are honored to have Climate Neutral Group as our highlighted organization.

About Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group is a social venture that was established in 2001 by multiple compassionate organizations like Dutch initiative Stichting Doen. Climate Neutral Group became the Benelux market leader in terms of emission reduction and carbon offsetting. For more than 15 years, the Climate Neutral Group (CNG) has been and still is advising organizations with regards to ensuring the sustainability of their organization, products, and services. By initiating multiple compassionate environmental projects, CNG is dedicated to promoting Climate Neutral Business, which means that any partnering organization aims to reduce and offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Doing so gets results, not only for your company but also for the entire planet.

Greenhouse gas emissions have an immense impact on the wellbeing of our planet. While global warming leads to rising sea levels and adverse environmental changes, entire cities are covered in smog, every day of the year! That’s why it’s important that we change the way we treat our environment by being conscious of what we emit and doing something about it because what we emit to the environment determines its response. Too much CO2 and we get global warming with its devastating effects. One initiative which has proved itself over the years is CO2 reduction. Greenhouse gasses contribute majorly to climate change, and we’re emitting too much of it.

When your business becomes climate-neutral, you’re not only reducing but entirely avoiding a negative impact on the climate. And that is good for present and future generations: their home is safe and habitable. Raptim is one the frontrunners when it comes to applying sustainable travel. We operate in a sector which has relatively high CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, we try to help those traveling to help others do this by implementing CO2 compensation.

We are closely related to Climate Neutral Group and other like-minded organizations that put great emphasis on creating a more sustainable planet. We are motivated by our corresponding compassionate goal. Be sure to browse through our daily updated News & Community section if you want to read more ‘A Closer Look’ articles.