Meet our people

It’s the people of Raptim who make the difference

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What inspires us

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most

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Becoming the world’s first humanitarian travel organization

65 years of history

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Our story

Over 65 years ago, Raptim pioneered the world of humanitarian travel by air. At a time when ships were the only means of traveling to developing countries, our founders chartered a Dakota to fly missionaries from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Thanks to Raptim’s vision, humanitarian travel would change forever.

Our people

Henderina Stubbe The fine line between serving and saving our customers
Jacco Draaijer Experiencing the fight against Ebola in an Amsterdam barrack
Leo Van Dongen A dazzling 31 years of service represented in one person
Paolo Tsimbirlis Once upon a time when plane tickets were handwritten
Lindy Witman Suitcase Ministry packs supplies to bring relief to the Holy Land