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9 Pictures Which Show the Value of Humanitarians

Humanitarian locations often are hard to reach and prone to conflict. For most of us, it’s hard to imagine what happens at such unusual destinations. Images can give us a sneak peek of what happens at vulnerable locations where humanitarian aid is needed most.

The Value of Humanitarians Depicted in Photographs

The following photo lineup offers a quick peek of the actions which humanitarian organizations carry out to help people in need. Whether it’s supplying medical assistance, rebuilding after a natural calamity or offering much-needed supplies. All actions in these photographs and the ones in this earlier blog post are taken with one goal in mind: decrease the amount of suffering for the world’s most vulnerable people. We are thankful for such compassionate humanitarians and humanitarian organizations.

The Philippines is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries and is frequently hit by typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. With support from OCHA, a team of experts from Australia, China, Japan and Singapore visited the Philippines to assess three urban searches and rescue (USAR) teams in the country.

Photo: OCHA/Yosuke Okita

The mission of AGE Africa is to provide life-changing opportunities to young women from Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring and leadership development. Their vision is that all girls in Africa will have equal access to secondary education and that young scholars will be empowered through their own learning to finish school and become leaders in their communities and beyond.

Photo: Advancement of Girls' Education (AGE Africa)

A humanitarian/civil-military operation in Kampot Province, Cambodia. Skilled medics from both military and non-governmental agencies around the globe came to provide high-quality medical care services to patients during the humanitarian/civil-military operation mission. Pacific Angel ensures that the region’s militaries are prepared to work together to address humanitarian crises in case of natural disasters.

U.S. Pacific Command

The objective of Polish humanitarian assistance is to save lives and alleviate the suffering of victims of natural and human-made disasters in developing countries while maintaining human dignity. Polish humanitarian aid is delivered in accordance with the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid and the fundamental principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence. The fundamental principle of Polish humanitarian assistance is the needs-based approach.

Photo: Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Rotary Club of Somer Valley donated £3,000 to World Wide Water Works Ltd to help with water aid in Nepal. The donation was gratefully received by Ray Lithgo, a member of Chelwood Bridge Rotary and a Director of World Wide Water Works Ltd. This compassionate gift was made possible by many volunteers who put in effort every single day to help those who need it the most.

Photo: Rotary Somerset

In light of the country's most deadly earthquake in 81 years, the Nepal government has urged for overseas aid. In the photo, you see an MDA delegation providing medical care to locals in Kathmandu this week following the massive earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015.

Photo: Magen David Adom

With a huge presence in the entire world, UNICEF is one of the top children-specific humanitarian charities. They advocate for true, lasting change and reach over 150 countries around the globe, bringing food, shelter, medical aid and other necessities to needy children. UNICEF helps children in every nation, not only third-world countries. For example by giving supplies at vulnerable locations.


Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. The image depicts the hospital boat at work. The compassionate staff is helping people in need every day.

Photo: Mercy Ships

Oxfam aid workers in Mingkaman, South Sudan, oversee the distribution of food to displaced people like Martha Nyandit, pictured, a mother of six. This photograph highlights the value of humanitarians and the compassionate work they do.

Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

We are proud to contribute to the actions of humanitarians and humanitarian organizations by arranging their travel. But we’re even more proud of the humanitarian actions you see in the images above. The value of humanitarians is unmeasurable.

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