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6 Videos about Free Press: World Press Freedom Day

Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law. This is the central theme for World Press Freedom Day 2018. As the influence and accessibility of the internet expand, so do the challenges associated with the freedom of press online. At the same time, censorship and security remain important issues for investigative journalists around the world. That’s why the United Nations, led by the UNESCO, celebrates World Press Freedom Day annually on the 3rd of May. This year, the main events will take place in Accra, Ghana with various side events across the globe. But why is press freedom so important, and what does it really mean? We’ve put together a list of videos to answer these questions and more.

Videos about Free Press

The freedom of the press does not only refer to the freedom of speech and opinion. Rather, it’s an important tool in the democratic process and the protection of basic human rights. The videos below present some of the reasons why press freedom is essential and also poses some more complex questions, such as how free our press really is, as well as tips and tools for investigative journalists.

Why should we care about press freedom?

Published by UNESCO a few years back, this video is still important today. Through the vision and voices of important global journalists, the video explains why we must care about press freedom.

25 Seconds for #PressFreedom

This year, World Press Freedom Day celebrates its 25th anniversary. To commemorate this important milestone, UNESCO has launched the 25 seconds for #PressFreedom campaign. Through a series of 25-second videos, global journalists and important figures in the media world explain press freedom and what it means to them.

UN Chief on World Press Freedom Day

In anticipation of the World Press Freedom Day, the United Nations has shared a message from Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General. He speaks about the importance of the day and makes a call for the world to unite in raising awareness on press freedom.

How free is our freedom of the press?

In a TEDTalk, Trevor Timm, the founder of Freedom of the Press Foundation, discusses an important subject—how free is our press? An insightful and relevant discussion, the talk might make you reconsider how much freedom you believe the media really has to provide true accounts based on real facts.

Freedom of the Press: Crash Course Government and Politics

Crash Course is an online library of short videos that teach a variety of topics from history to politics to physics and more. The Crash Course on Freedom of the Press talks about the First Amendment and the freedom of the press, and what that means for the American society as well as U.S. politics and security in general.

From the Experts: Tips and Tools for Investigations

Want to learn more about investigative journalism? Then go straight to the source using this playlist from the Global Investigative Journalism Network. It includes a series of tips and tools from seasoned investigative journalists around the world.

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