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6 Must-Have Travel Services for Humanitarians in Africa

Although there are positive long-term trends across Africa that deserve recognition, many countries still need compassionate humanitarians who’re willing to help those who need it most. We offer multiple travel services for humanitarians in Africa that can help them on their humanitarian travel.

Humanitarians in Africa

Whether you’re a faith-based missionary, volunteer or aid worker. Let there be no mistake; all your hard work does pay off. Many African countries might be improving concerning human rights, civil war, poverty, hunger, etc., but they’re still lagging in those areas compared to many other countries.

If you’re willing to travel to Africa and help those in need, we’re honored to help you by assisting your travel. We can offer various valuable travel services which will ease your trip and help you keep yourself safe in vulnerable locations throughout the African continent, or anywhere else in the world.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

  • Advice on health and vaccination
    Humanitarians are, just like every other individual, prone to injuries while working at a vulnerable location. This applies to all; whether you’re a volunteer, faith-based missionary or aid worker. Therefore, you will require advice regarding health issues. A substantial amount of African countries asks for professional pre-travel advice about vaccinations or health information. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need counsel about these subjects.
  • Travel safety information
    Conditions at humanitarian locations are often volatile. In South-Sudan and Ethiopia, for example, ethnic violence makes traveling a dangerous endeavor. It’s of vital importance that you’re up-to-date with safety and security information before and during your travel. We are perfectly qualified and eager to help you with this.
  • Flexible fares
    Surprising and unexpected situations bring about a need to make immediate changes to your itinerary. In these cases, our flexible humanitarian fares come in handy. With these special fares, changes to your itinerary can be quickly arranged, often free of charge.
  • Travel insurance
    Humanitarian traveling is demanding. Although helping those who need it most is the very reason to travel to these unusual places in the first place, it is essential that you protect your health in these vulnerable African countries. You can gain more control over these demanding situations by getting proper travel insurance which we’re happy to arrange for you.
  • Assistance with acquiring the right visa
    A visa gives non-citizens clearance to enter a country and to stay there within specified constraints, such as a time frame for entry and purpose of the visit. Each nation in Africa typically has a multitude of categories of visas with various names. We gladly assist in acquiring the right permits for your travel group and making sure every passport is in order.
  • Renting a car in Africa
    Car rental has substantial benefits compared to public transport or taxis. Africa is an enormous continent; when you need to make significant mileage during your humanitarian group travel, car rental often proves to be the cheapest option. This will come in handy especially when your group consists of five or seven humanitarians since that is the capacity of most rental cars. A large Jeep or SUV can move a lot of people and take your travel group through the rough African terrain.