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5 Videos of Volunteers in Africa

Volunteering makes up a large part of humanitarian travel. Volunteers who go abroad have the opportunity to help communities in need. More importantly, they have the chance to learn about themselves and about other cultures. To travel as a humanitarian is a unique experience, and it is often life-changing.

Many international volunteers head to Africa where help is much needed. It is a continent rich in culture, heritage, and humanity, but it is also plagued by poverty and corruption. This means that many communities need support from volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers teach, work on construction projects, support conservation projects, provide health care, and a host of other types of projects.

We would like to share these five video testimonials from volunteers in Africa:

Life-changing 30 Days

Ghana is located on West Africa’s Gulf Coast. The rural areas of Ghana lack infrastructure and many children don’t have access to schools. Thrive Africa works to bridge the education gap. They build libraries and ICT labs together with volunteers. Additionally, this NGO focuses on women’s empowerment. Volunteers help build income-generating farms.

Living with Big Cats

Home to some of the most biodiversity in the world, South Africa is a fascinating place for volunteers. Volunteer South Africa hosts programs that promote conservation of wildlife throughout the country. Living with Big Cats is one of their flagship projects. Volunteers care for the animals, particularly the rescued and injured ones. Their other programs include giving assistance to elephants, sharks, and rhinos.

Volunteer with Children at Izizwe Projects

Another project in South Africa, Izizwe Projects, is situated in Walmer Township. The project is run by Khaya Volunteers, an international NGO. Here, volunteers support educational and early childhood activities. For example, they might volunteer as primary school teachers or work with preschoolers. Additionally, Izizwe runs dance and sports programs.

Reach Out Volunteers

Mozambique has a war-torn history but is now beginning to regain its stability. Nevertheless, much help is still needed. For example, Reach Out Volunteers provide support in building classrooms and kitchens in a village kindergarten. They are located in the heart of a game park and also volunteer with rhino conservation.

Kenya Childcare Volunteering

One of the biggest gaps seen in Africa, and Keny is no exception, is in childcare and education. Many children and youth do not have access to proper schooling. That’s why Volunteer HQ has programs in Kenya to help children. Volunteers participate as teachers, provide care, play with kids, and also organize sports camps.

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