World Day Against Child Labour
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4 NGOs Working to End Child Labour  

When we speak about vulnerable people, no person is more vulnerable than a child. Children’s rights are the rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care accorded to minors. Because millions of children are affected daily by war, poverty, and human rights abuse. That is why people want to end child labour.

According to the United Nations, 218 million children work, many of them full-time. Not all work is considered harmful for children. However, if labour interferes with schooling, is hazardous, abusive, or puts the child at risk, it must be eliminated. The International Labour Organization has been actively working to abolish child labour around the world. However, more effort is needed.

4 NGOs Working to End Child Labour 

Not-for-profits around the world are doing incredible work to stop child labour. We wanted to highlight just a few projects that are going the extra mile.

1. The Global March Against Child Labour

Global March is an international network of teachers, trade unions, and civil society. The organization promotes the elimination of child labour. Their programs focus on community participation, such as the Creating Child-Friendly Communities to End Child Labour. They also attack the core of the issue by Addressing Child Labour and Trafficking In Supply Chains.

International Initiative to End Child Labour (IIECL)

The primary mission of IIECL is to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. Their focus is on awareness-raising, education, capacity building, assisting private entities in developing their labour programs, as well as working with communities. IIECL runs several campaigns, including Children in the Fields to fight hazardous work in agriculture.

3. Love 146

One of the most shocking crimes is human trafficking and sexual exploitation. For this reason, Love 146 began to work with children who are survivors of this horrible practice to help them lead normal lives. Their ultimate goal is to stop child trafficking and exploitation entirely. For this, they work in advocacy and education programs for prevention. These are mainly focused on educating children on how to protect themselves. Love 146 also takes care of victims through survivor care locations.

4. Stop Child Labour Coalition

Stop Child Labour is a coalition of multiple local and global organizations. All have one thing in common: the belief that no child should be exploited. The organization works more on the policy level to stop child labour. They participate in advocacy, revision of regulatory initiatives, research, conferences, forums, and campaigns fighting against child exploitation, support, legal work, responses to regulatory actions, research conferences, forums, and campaigns.

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Children’s home Flomina

Raptim believes that compassion works when it can travel where it’s needed most. Flomina shares in our way of thinking. One of their primary goals is becoming self-reliant. They believe compassion works when their care can create a structurally better future for their children, and we want to help them realize their goals. We hope to help them achieve results for the local community, through their strength and with a little bit of help from us, for today and their future. Fortunately, the rights and well-being of children are a significant issue and a significant goal for many more international organizations. Here is a list of 42 NGOs that help children in need.

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