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18 Missionary Training Resources

Some people choose to work for personal development, and there are those who make it their vocation to serve others. The world is a better place because of people like you. Missionary training resources teach you to do what’s good and to do what’s right, but you are the one who chooses others before yourself. From individual achievements to community goals, you spark the change that gives people hope in themselves and hopes that a better future is in sight.

You deliver work that inspires us at Raptim to see to it that your social agenda is not only delivered but delivered with a heart. That’s why we take you where you need to be unlike any other airline or travel company can. We understand the importance of your mission and the often-limited resources that are available to you to make the change you envision happening.

Raptim offers a long list of services that you can count on wherever in the world you’re headed to and whenever you need to be there. We provide the most comprehensive travel services for faith-based travelers. That includes everything from getting you the lowest fares and the most flexible travel arrangements to making sure your resources are transported where you need them, fast and on-time.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

Why Missionary Travel is Important

Missionary work has brought a long history of meaningful and impactful work to areas in dire need of social services. Organizations no less than the World Health Organization have reiterated many times the importance of faith-based organizations in improving healthcare systems around the world and in caring for the sick and the needy.

We know how missionary work goes far beyond evangelization. Missionaries, like you, have been trained in missionary training resources that teach you how you can best serve others. Apart from ministry, many preachers also become teachers, healthcare providers, social leaders, historians, among many other roles that they play on the field. A growing number of faith-based organizations that include Care International, World Vision, YMCA, and YWCA offer their resources in many ways that stretch far from preaching faith in the living God.

Organizations, such as yours, are highly effective in what you do because all the things that you do come with compassion. Mothers safely deliver their babies, fathers capably put food on the table, and boys and girls learn to dream big because this culture of genuine care touches them. You bring hope where there are none and light where darkness prevails.

Missionary Training Resources

Courage is a critical element that you must embody when going on a mission, most especially to a place where you’ve never gone before. Courage makes you faithful and bestows on you a positive mind to overcome obstacles to meeting your objectives. This is not enough, however.

Minimizing the uncertainties of your mission by learning more about what to expect is also essential for a traveling missionary. You don’t have to go in blind. We at Raptim have listed below 20 missionary training resources that every missionary ought to read. This list is not exhaustive. It only includes a handful of the many missionary travel resources readily available on the web.

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1. AllNations Christian College

This college’s grounds are located in Hertfordshire near London. The campus hosts students and their families on both degree and individual course tracks that educate them about the Bible and mission studies as well as broaden their intercultural knowledge. The college has a vast collection of resources for mission work and is available to the public.

2. Ask a Missionary

This is a website dedicated to informing missionaries about what to expect when going on a long-term mission. It is a knowledge-sharing website where the aspiring missionary keys in a question using a search bar and the system searches from over 600 answers already archived on the site. The resource, founded in 1998, and Mission Data International manages it today.


The Basic International Missionary Institute runs this program to help aspiring missionaries reflect on and prepare for their mission. The organization intends to prevent missionary dropouts by assisting would-be missionaries to experience the life they will be facing where they will be assigned. Camp BIMI is located in Tennessee, USA.

4. Centre for Mission Training

Based in the UK, this training center’s mission is to provide resources and support to help missionaries better understand the Bible. Linguistics, cross-cultural studies, leadership, and member-care courses are also offered to prospective students.

5. Center for Intercultural Training

The CIT prepares its students to anticipate the challenges that are associated with the ministry. With proper guidance, future ministers can minimize risks, manage interpersonal conflicts, and improve chances of succeeding. CIT, located in North Carolina, USA, has programs suited for children and adults.

6. Cornerstone

This training center is managed by one of the longest-running mission centers, the Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ (WEC) International based in England. Missionary training resources include a well-rounded set of training programs intended to equip its students with the right spiritual readiness, mindset, and morality. These are geared to make them become living testaments of Christ to those who have never heard the Good News.

7. Christian Medical and Dental Associations.

Professionals and students from the medical and dental fields make up the CMDA membership. CMDA offers fellowships, short courses, mission support, and education-exchange programs.

8. Ethnos360

Founded in 1942 as the New Tribes Mission, this organization seeks to teach the Bible and plant the Church of Christ in the most hard-to-reach areas around the world. Resources provided are intended to support continuing mission education which includes learning multiple cultures, linguistics, and, most importantly, the Bible.

9. Global Frontier Missions

This organization has a Christ-centered agenda that seeks to reach all people in the world who have never heard about God. The organization runs a missionary training school that helps prepare future missionaries physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

10. International Training Partners

Managed by a group of trainers and facilitators, the ITP provides short courses and web-based training programs that help people become more effective at maintaining their interpersonal relationships. Students are encouraged to spread the Word of God. They are also taught how to live like a true Christian, improving how they relate to their contacts as well as people in their communities.

11. International Mission Board

IMB offers both face-to-face and online resources to get people started with going on a mission to teach others about Christ. Founded in 1845, the IMB works with churches to fulfill Christ’s purpose for its members, that is, to tell the world of His Good News. The IMB website offers a rich collection of resources that includes articles and research to inspire aspiring missionaries.

12. Mission Training International

This center trains and empowers cross-cultural ministers in introducing Christ among those who do not believe in Him or have never heard of Him. Presently, the center offers two courses: COMPASS and DAR. Each one is designed to provide pre-departure preparedness training for men and women who are scheduled to live in far-flung communities to win peoples’ hearts for the Lord.


It is one of the ministries under the Global Frontier Missions. The school particularly prides itself on offering lower-cost alternatives to often expensive Biblical or missionary schools. It prepares both inexperienced and experienced missionaries to hit the ground running on their future mission.

14. Missionary Training Service

The institution provides publications and training courses that support missionaries in preparing for their foreign assignments. The institution also works with other missionary-focused organizations in fulfilling their common vision where every person in the world has been touched by Christ.

15. STEM International

Some people go on short-term missions. Even that requires preparedness and training, and that’s where STEM International comes in. It provides consulting and training services as well as publications intended for men and women about to go on a mission to teach others about Christ.

16. TRAIN International

This center is engaged in providing educational short-courses that are both suited for first-time missionaries and experienced missionaries alike. The center runs a program that coaches churches about sending and supporting cross-cultural mission work. This institute even provides support to missionaries while on their mission and debriefs them as soon as they are back.

17. To Every Tribe

The TET training center hosts missionary students for a two-year missionary program. The program endeavors to teach students everything there is to know about mission work so that they can prepare. The center also facilitates sending missionaries around the world.

18. Digital Bible Resources

This is a list of digital resources that we have put together to support you in your mission agenda. These resources utilize information and communications technologies (ICT) to better engage with other people. The best part is that you can always keep these tools on your digital devices and keep them in your pocket.

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