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17 International NGOs fighting for LGBT rights

The US Day of Silence will be held on April 27. This annual event is held in April ever since it was first started in 1996. The movement intends to bring bullying and discrimination against the LGBT community into the light. Therefore we want to honor those NGOs fighting for LGBT rights.

Why LGBT Rights are Different

People around the world have been faced with stigma, discrimination, and exclusion that have culminated in countless cases involving violence and injustice. The LGBT community has gained big and small wins in its fight for equal rights. The movement continues to attract support from different groups around the world for one reason—respect.

Religions and traditions make it harder for LGBTs to compete for opportunities or to even enjoy peace just being who they are. Stigma for LGBTs is deeply ingrained in our societies making the enactment of laws insufficient for the community to be treated equally. Yet, the LGBT community is changing systemic discrimination around the world with the help of a growing NGOs fighting for LGBT rights pitching in for community causes.

LGBT Rights are Human Rights

“The status of the LGBT community is a good litmus test for the status of human rights in society,” writes Kenneth Roth for the World Economic Forum. He is the Executive Director of the Human Rights Watch.

The LGBT community is a minority. They seek equality and non-discrimination—rights that they inherently own. These rights are so important that the issues concerning these and the LGBT community deserve a good fight.

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17 NGOs fighting for LGBT rights

Many organizations working to advance LGBT rights understand the kind of work it takes to bring down structural, political, and societal roadblocks. There are prominent NGOs helping promote the human rights of LGBTs. The list of NGOs fighting for equal rights includes the following:

1. Allout

This organization “is a global movement for love and equality.” It also promotes LGBT rights through social mobilization.

2. Amnesty International

Amnesty supports many rights-based movements, and LGBT rights are only one of many issues it addresses. This international organization provides research, policy advocacy, and social mobilization as required to advance LGBT causes. Among its work is advocating against the passage of laws in the US that specifically discriminate against LGBTs.

3. Arc International

Arc International participated in the drafting of the Yogyakarta Principles. It outlines the basic rights of humans as it relates to sexual orientation and gender preferences. As a result the Yogyakarta Principles, backed by the United Nations, is a major landmark in international law which reiterates that human rights do not have any exceptions.

4. Diversity Pro

This is a group that is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. It supports the LGBT movement through its Kick-Off Diversity Program for Slovakia in which the organization works with employers and workers to remove barriers in the workplace that undermine the rights of LGBTs.

5. Freedom to Marry

FreedomtoMarry was created in 2001 specifically to advocate and lobby for same-sex marriage in the United States. In 2015, a landmark decision by the Supreme Court made what once was just a dream for many a reality; same-sex marriage is now legal in all states. Today, the organization also works on sharing its experience with others so that the same accomplishment may be replicated elsewhere.


GATE is an organization that focuses on addressing the unique issues faced by transgenders. Among the most important programs pursued includes the removal of transgender disorder from the International Classification of Diseases by the World Health Organization.

7. Heartland ALLiance International

Heartland ALLiance International is also focused on caring for LGBTs who may have been forced out of their homelands as a result of gender discrimination. As with many organizations on this list of NGOs fighting for LGBT rights, Heartland ALLiance lobbies for specialized social services to suit the needs of LGBTs.

8. Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has gained a worldwide reputation for its comprehensive reports which includes briefs on human rights conditions on a country level. To advance LGBT rights, this organization documents human rights abuses suffered by the LGBT community. It also lobbies for policy, structural, and political support for LGBT causes.

9. International Commission of Jurists

This international collective work primarily involves legal redress for abuses experienced by members of the LGBT community. It does so by providing legal advice to local lawyers on how they can use existing law to uphold the rights of LGBTs. Simultaneously, it also works on the international level to increase legal accountability for human rights.

NGOs fighting for LGBT rights

10. ILGA Europe

ILGA Europe conducts advocacy work which includes training its members so that LGBT issues may be better understood. This organization also organizes study visits to promote greater exposure to LGBT issues and needs.


IGLIO deals with gender issues affecting youth. It helps lobby for safer schools and other youth-oriented institutions. Among its thrusts is educating the LGBT youth about their rights and how they can educate others about their rights too.

12. Global Respect in Education

GRIN was founded by a teenager for teenagers, this organization condemns bullying members of LGBT youth. Apart from mobilizing and educating young LGBTs about their rights, this organization also makes policy recommendations on gender issues affecting young people.

13. Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Funders for LGBTQ Issues works on pooling grant funding for the many initiatives that raise the importance and increase the visibility of LGBT issues. It convenes grant funders so that resources intended to support LGBT causes may be better aligned with real-world needs.

14. The Kaleidoscope Trust

This organization lobbies for policies that uphold the rights of LGBTs. It also helps create dialogue around issues concerning LGBT rights.

15. Organization Intersex International

This organization specifically addresses issues faced by people with conditions where their sex cannot be classified by conventional means. It also conducts awareness-raising and lobbies for more effective human rights coverage.

16. Out Right International

Founded in 1990, this organization works to help improve the lives of LGBTs by protecting their rights. It has built a network of branches around the world that addresses LGBT issues and brings better focus to problems besetting the community.

17. Youth Incentive

The last on this list of NGOs fighting for LGBT rights, this organization is focused on finding solutions to youth-related issues. Consequently it advocates for the inclusion of specific LGBT needs in these discussions.

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