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11 International NGOs Fighting Malaria

Caused by small parasites due to a mosquito bite, malaria can cause severe symptoms and even death. Nearly half a million people died from malaria disease in 2016, with a total of 216 million cases reported the same year. Thanks to the intense effort performed by the global health community, the numbers you see today are much lower than in the past. That said, much still need to be done to rid the world of malaria. Let’s take a look at the list of international NGOs fighting malaria.

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Fighting Malaria, Who is Affected?

Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk for malaria at any given time since the disease is inactive transmission in 91 countries of the world. The majority of cases occur in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, several other regions also face the disease. This includes the Americas, Southeast Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Additionally, traveling-cases of malaria are often documented in North America and Europe. That said, the disease tends to disproportionately affect poor populations due to their vulnerability and lack of access to preventative techniques. At the same time, children under 5 and pregnant women are, particularly at risk.

Fighting Malaria, What to Do about It?

Malaria continues to represent a persisting danger to the health of many. But its reduction has also been one of the biggest successes of our time. The number of cases has significantly decreased in the past few decades, and malaria-related deaths are mostly preventable today. That said, many steps still can be taken to reduce its spread and eventually eradicate malaria.

First of all, it is essential to prevent malaria by avoiding mosquito bites in areas of transmission. Tips for this include using mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, and wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Additionally, people can also take malaria pills to prevent the development of the parasite in the case of a bite. Finally, communities can prevent malaria by reducing mosquito-breeding sites and therefore their populations. Most noteworthy, malaria is treatable. Consequently, it is essential that all malaria patients have access to the necessary treatment and drugs to fight the disease.

11 NGOs Fighting Malaria

Many NGOs around the world are fighting malaria. While this list is not exhaustive, it will give you an idea of the types of projects these organizations are implementing to protect world health.

1. African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA)

ALMA unites 49 heads-of-state from the African continent who are actively fighting against malaria. The goal is to eliminate the disease by 2030. One of ALMA’s flagship projects is the Scorecard for Accountability and Action where countries commit to real action against malaria.

2. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Founded by the founder and CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tackles a wide range of global issues. One of their projects is Accelerate to Zero. Therefore this initiative focuses on eradicating malaria through developing innovative interventions for its prevention and mobilizing comprehensive support.  

3. Comic Relief

Based in the UK, Comic Relief actively fundraises and distributes grants to NGOs around the world. One of their lines of funding goes to the Malaria Consortium. This initiative works to educate communities about the disease, train health workers, and provide support for disease prevention as well as treatment drugs.

4. Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Working for over 75 years around the world, CRS helps vulnerable people all over the globe. Currently, they work on 18 malaria programs in 14 countries. One example is their malaria chemoprevention distribution program through which they deliver much-needed preventative drugs to communities.


A global vaccine alliance, GAVI promotes equal access to vaccines around the world. This year, GAVI is supporting the pilot stage of a new malaria vaccine in Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi. The project could prove to be a real milestone in eradicating the diseases.

6. Goodbye Malaria

As an entrepreneurial project, Goodbye Malaria raises funds for grassroots projects in Mozambique that fight malaria. For instance, a group of African entrepreneurs launched the initiative and have principally focused on indoor residual spraying to reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes and malaria parasites.

7. Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Originating in the US, LWR works across the globe on the principle of “helping thy neighbor.” The organization aids those most in need. LWR runs several malaria projects including Increasing Community Investment for Malaria Control in Tanzania. This project aims to increase community access to health services and treatment of malarial diseases.

8. Malaria No More

True to its name, Malaria No More works also to eradicate malaria. Their principal focus is on advocacy, actively working to influence global agendas to take on the task of eradicating malaria disease.

9. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Based in Geneva, MSF also works to deliver humanitarian aid around the world. Since they have a strong focus on health services, malaria is an important subject in many campaigns that MSF runs in crisis areas. For example, in the DRC, MSF supports hospitals and patient consultations to treat malaria cases.

10. Rotary International

An international volunteer organization, Rotary International comprises 1.2 million members who are actively working to tackle the world’s most pertinent issues. With Raptim as their preferred travel partner, Rotary International fights malaria through many programs. For example, Rotarian Malaria Partners work in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia against the spread of malaria disease.

11. United Against Malaria (UAM)

Comprised of a network of over 200 partners, UAM also works together to end malaria deaths. This organization operates on three principal pillars: advocacy, political leadership commitment, and education on the use of preventative tools against malaria.

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