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10 Heartbreaking Humanitarian Videos of 2018

When disaster strikes, people need help. But if it hits far from home, we sometimes don’t even know it happened. Humanitarian videos bring these messages to the world. They tell the stories of those affected by disasters and conflict.

Sometimes it can be hard to watch these videos. They show a lot of pain and suffering. It’s vital for us as human beings to know what others are going through. This way we can help them in difficult situations.

Let’s take a look back at 2018 and some of its most critical humanitarian videos.

1. Stuck in the Moria Refugee Camp

The refugee crisis has taken center stage among humanitarian issues this year. The conflict in Syria has forced millions to flee their homes, and many of them have settled in neighboring or nearby countries. Greece has received many of these refugees, but their situation is dire. Here is a video by Doctors Without Borders (MSF in French) documenting overcrowding in the Moria refugee camp.

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2. Episode 1: Happy Together

All refugee stories are heartbreaking, but they often do shed light on the beauty of humanity. This video by UNICEF recounts the journey of Rashed, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar. While his way to safety was tough, he is working with his family to make a new home. He also goes to a new school and has big dreams for his future.

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3. Far From Home: International Day of the Girl 2018

Did you know that one of the most dangerous things you can do is to be a girl? Refugees around the world face dire circumstances, but girls are even more vulnerable. They are exposed to risks such as gender violence and human trafficking. This video by CARE reminds us to take special care of refugee girls.

4. TRY NOT TO CRY! 6.7M Internally Displaced Syrians Return Home Safely [99% Will Cry]

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) shares the most heartbreaking video of the year. It’s hard to describe the emotions, so go ahead and watch it!

5. Civilians are #NotATarget

Despite fundamental human rights and their neutrality, civilians continue to perish in wars and conflicts. Children, women, and men suffer at the hands of armed forces, fighting wars they have no part in. OCHA reminds us that civilians must not be a target.


The #NotATarget movement also includes humanitarian, medical, and other aid workers.

6. The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver

Conflict and disasters have multiple, negative impacts on society. Often, they separate families. Sometimes this happens because of false imprisonment while refugees are on the road or for many other reasons. This video is a heartbreaking reminder that thousands of children will not spend this holiday season with their families.

Learn more about family reunification programs from the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC).

7. How Conflict Weakens National Immune Systems

Did you know that conflict can negatively impact peoples’ health? This video by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) explains how conflict can weaken entire national immune systems. There is scientific data that shows the correlation. For example, the conflict in Yemen has led to rising food prices and therefore malnutrition among the poor.

8. Malnutrition in Mali

In the previous video, you saw how the conflict could cause health issues. Mali is another dire example. Nearly 300,000 children face malnutrition as they are displaced from their homes. Their mothers must find food or their kids will perish. UNICEF tells us the story of one mother in Mali who is willing to risk everything just to feed her children.

9. We Need to Keep Talking about Ebola

Some of the most dangerous disasters are those that we forget. When strong images are flooding our TVs and social media feeds, we tend to act and help others. But some disasters become forgotten. Ebola made many headlines, but today, few are paying attention to it. Yet, it’s important to continue working on its prevention and eradication.

Learn more from this video by the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).


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10. “This Little Light of Mine” Sung by Zambian Sponsored Children

Not all humanitarian videos have to be heartbreaking. World Vision brings us a heart-warming video for the season. Listen to Zambian sponsored children singing the famous song “This Little Light of Mine.” But we still can’t promise that you won’t shed a tear!

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