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10 Interesting Facts About Online Donors

The inaugural edition of the ‘Global Trends in Giving Report’ has given us interesting facts about online donors. The research project is dedicated to studying how and why donors worldwide give to different causes and humanitarian organizations of their choice.

Global Trends in Giving Report gives insight about online donors

The report is groundbreaking in the sense that it is the only annual research project that provides insight into the motivations of donors. The full report is set to be released in September 2017, but we can give you some interesting facts from the collected data this far.

  1. The top three causes supported by progressive learning online donors are human and civil rights, animals, and children/youth.
  2. Conservative-leaning donors tend to give more to religious services and faith, children/youth, and human services.
  3. Social media and email are the most prominent inspirations for people to donate.
  4. Of those inspired to give by social media, Facebook triggers four times more online donations than Twitter and seven times as many donations as Instagram.
  5. 73 percent are of online donors worldwide are women.
  6. Almost half (47 percent) of online donors donate to nonprofits, charities, and NGOs based outside of their country of origin.
  7. 62 percent of online donors have also volunteered at a nonprofit, charity, or NGO within the last 12 months.
  8. Empathy and altruism are primary motivations to give. Fear and anxiety have the least impact on online donors.
  9. The .org, .edu, and .ngo domains are the most trusted by online donors. The .net and .com domains are the least trusted domains.
  10. 60 percent of online donors donate more money during religious holidays.

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